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February 1, 2013

Registration set Feb. 4 for 4H camp

The Moultrie Observer

MOULTRIE —  Monday, February 4, 2013 starts the registration day for Cloverleaf 4-H Camp. 

Parents of fifth and sixth grade 4-H members should register interested children, beginning at 8:00AM.  Registration will be held at the Agricultural Complex on Veterans Parkway.  Parents should bring a completed application and a $80.00 non-refundable deposit.  Zona Medley, Caroline Horne, and Kimberly Dove, Colquitt County 4-H Agent and Program Assistants with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension have been teaching all about Georgia and the five 4-H Centers.  All 4-H’ers received detailed information at their school during their January 4-H Programs.

On June 24, 2013, an excited group of young people and adults will leave for a week of Summer Camp at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center.  Georgia has one of the largest and most respected 4-H camping programs in the country.  Georgia Extension made it one of the best for a very good reason - - a positive experience at a summer camping program can make a crucial difference in a youngster’s life, said Caroline Horne, 4H official.

“When we take Colquitt County 4-H’ers to camp, we make sure they get involved in a well-rounded experience.  They go to camp for the fun so we make sure they have plenty of that: sports, games, and dances.  We also make sure they learn some new skills through crafts or activities like canoeing, outdoor cooking, photography, and swimming,” she said.

“We give them responsibilities, like keeping their cabins tidy, keeping trash off the ground, or keeping the dining room neat.  We expose them to the positive influence of talented, well-trained counselors.  The campers work together to learn personal skills that may help them get along better with friends and family,” she added.

Going to 4-H camp can help youngsters to become more independent and increase maturity.  It can give campers a boost in self-confidence, the foundation needed to feel good themselves.  And most importantly, going to 4-H camp can help the young people make friends, she said.

Horne said the 4-H’ers will probably enjoy all that camp has to offer.  The skills may fade and the influence of the counselors will dim over time, but many of the friendships will last a lifetime.  Many of those friendships will provide that little challenge, that little edge of competition your child needs to do well in school, in sports, and in life.

“When we pack up the Colquitt County 4-H’ers summer camp this year, the Colquitt County Extension staff makes you a promise: We’ll take good care of them, and we’ll bring them back to you bursting with news of new talents, new experiences, and new friends.  They’ll tell you all about it - - after they sleep for eight to twelve hours,” Horne added.

She said parents may  check out the video clip composed from past camp experiences at, click on Summer Camp, and then click on Rock Eagle. Colquitt County 4-H will also be sending Junior 4-H’ers to camp at Fortson 4-H Center and Senior 4-H’ers to camp at Jekyll Island 4-H Center. Interested in Junior or Senior Camp?  Registration begins Monday, February 4, 2013.  Spaces are limited so be sure to sign up quickly!

4-H is the youth-development program of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. 

For more information about this or any other 4-H activity, call the Colquitt County Extension Office at 616-7455 or stop by the office at Agricultural Complex, 350 Building 1, Room 132 Veterans Parkway, North, Email: or visit the state web