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December 17, 2009

Jim Cox beats the odds with new Wolfpack logo

MOULTRIE — The “Rocky” movies had “The Eye of the Tiger.” Now, North Carolina State University will soon have “The Eyes of the Wolf” — thanks to the efforts of a Moultrie businessman.

Jim Cox graduated from NC State in 1966 with a degree in industrial arts and industrial management that shaped a lifelong career in manufacturing.

“I’ve always had a lot of loyalty to NC State, and that college education did a lot for me,” said Cox in his office at Heritage Embroidery, the business he and his wife, Harvie Ann, started in 1993.

Cox’s approval of his alma mater, however, didn’t extend to either of the college’s two official logos: a strutting wolf that dates back to the 1920s and a large S with a smaller N and C imposed on it. Since he was in the logo business himself, Cox thought he could design something more … intimidating.

“People said, ‘Jim, you can’t really design a new logo for a college,’” he said. “I said, ‘Well, maybe I can.’”

The solution came in a painting called “The Eyes of the Wolf” by Arthur Armstrong. The vaguely rectangular image shows only a wolf’s face from the brow to the tip of the miuzzle. Yellow eyes seem to burn amid the gray and white fur. Struck by the painting, Cox bought the original. Then he bought the copyright.

It took him a little while to figure out how to incorporate the image into a logo, but the result was simply adding the school’s name above the lupine face with the mascot name — Wolfpack — below.

“It’s interesting, it’s neat, it’s attention-getting,” Cox said.

Designing the logo was the easy part. Next, he had to “sell” the idea to the college before he could legally begin to market merchandise with the logo on it.

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