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August 7, 2012

What is at stake

Dion Brown
The Moultrie Observer

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Dear editor,

Mr. Johnson’s assessment of the situation here in Moultrie/Colquitt County in the Sunday Observer is not completely accurate.  I think many of us are certainly against government officials compromising free speech and we are also “riled up” over the topic of homosexual marriage. It is more “both and” than it is one or the other. 

While I appreciate the frankness with which he writes I would have to disagree with the basic premise upon which he builds his case. As a demographic group, if you wish to consider them so, homosexuals are one of the most well educated, well heeled and well connected groups in this country. 

They enjoy the same basic rights that we all do. The issue of homosexual marriage is not about equality but about leverage.

I will be called hateful, bigoted, mean, unchristian, a fear monger and an assortment of other names for what you are about to read. I’m not, but I’m willing to take the heat.  People need to know what is at stake. While Mr. Johnson may simply be along for the ride, the homosexual activists who are pushing so aggressively for the “right” to marry will not be satisfied to stop there.

 What they have been striving for since the days of Archie Bunker is to have homosexuality declared normal and to have the authority of the government to back that up. The fact that they can’t be legally married in most states is a significant roadblock to that goal. 

Once the Defense of Marriage Act is defeated and homosexual marriage is declared legal in all fifty states, then the activists will have the leverage that they have been working for in order to fully implement their agenda.  

They will have access to the school curriculums so that they can teach our children that being a homosexual is normal, good and even desirable.  Our schools will be forced to recognize and celebrate “Gay Pride” month.  Tests will be developed to determine whether or not your child is a homosexual. A strident “diversity training” will be implemented in every government institution and in most businesses.

 And if you think the censorship against Dan Cathy was bad then just wait until any form of disagreement with the homosexual view is declared illegal.

And while Mr. Johnson may not insist that his church perform his wedding, there will be plenty of others who will insist that it is their right to have the church do theirs. So, while I’m sure Mr. Johnson is an upstanding citizen, I cannot advocate for his “right” to be married. It will not promote the common good, which is a primary responsibility of our government.

Our nation was not founded on the principle of separation of church and state.  The “wall of separation” mentioned by Mr. Jefferson was his commentary on the issue of whether or not a particular ecclesiastical group should be preferred by the government and came years after the founding documents where written and ratified.

 The majority of the Founders considered biblical faith (not denominational allegiance) to be the linchpin that would hold this country together. The fact that we have officially divorced ourselves from that biblical faith is why we are currently falling apart.

Dion Brown

Meigs, GA



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