As a Conservative Independent I agree with some of Trump’s domestic policies, but Trump is two faced concerning foreign trade.

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With scorching heat and raging wildfires in the West and torrential downpours and massive flooding in the East, global warming is not just about a gentle sea rise any more. These tragic consequences of dumping greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, call for drastic remedies.

This “Letter to the Editor” is the first time I have ever written to The Observer or any other newspaper for that matter. After much consideration and many, many questions from others, I felt compelled to tell “The rest of the story” about my latest development The Enclave, on 31st Ave. S.E.…

I’m a proud graduate of Colquitt County schools. I was my graduating class’s STAR student and president of the A Cappella Choir. I went to college at Yale and graduate school at the University of Michigan. I’m now a successful software engineer. I owe a lot of my success to Colquitt County’s schools.

I would like to take the time to send a huge shout out to the parents of Cox Elementary School. It is obvious that our parents are very involved in the education of their children. We had an amazing showing of parents at open house.

What do the signs mean around Moultrie that reads, “A Proud Sponsor Of The Veteran Van”? Does this mean the Moultrie Veteran Bus currently transporting veteran patients to the VA Medical Center in Lake City, Florida will no longer operate? NO!

On July 23, former Pineland head football coach and teacher John Peacock went to be with Jesus.

A few days ago Darrell Moore announced he had accepted a new position as the inaugural director of Valdosta State University’s Center for South Georgia Regional Impact. I would like to first congratulate Darrell on his new position and secondly congratulate Valdosta State University for finding the perfect fit for this inaugural position.

The Mayflower pilgrims in Heaven, would be astonished at American’s present-day attitude towards God, the Word of God, and his precious Son Jesus.

Trump is a threat to our security because he continues to befriend Putin, who is an adversary of the U.S. and the Western world; and Trump continues to condemn our intelligence agencies.

A phone call to Baldwin County, Georgia offered helpful information as to how to access School Tax, exempt status for elder citizens age 65. If your income is less than $40,000. and you are age 65, you pay no school tax. This change relieving persons 65 years of age was brought about in Bald…

Liberals want free education, ever wonder why? They apparently feel left out. They see rampant corruption connected to privileged gifts to friends (In, and of) government. We tax ourselves to pay for essentials, one being education.

I completely understand our pursuit of fair trade with countries around the world, when we impose tariffs to gain fair trade concepts. I do not understand why our Georgia State Legislature thinks it OK to deal out tax exemptions to special interest groups on real property, and conservancy exemptions on wetlands and timber tracts.

NAMI National recently adopted revised national standards to further strengthen their outreach to individuals and their families who are impacted by mental illness. As a part of this national restructuring, NAMI Moultrie is restructuring as well.

According to an op-ed by Pat Buchanan, starting around 2009 the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) lowered its enrollment standards for incoming freshmen so the Navy could increase its racial diversity.

To express one’s self is a desired trait. Let me re-phrase that — to express one’s self positively is a better trait. I have always admired artistic talent. I have never possessed this gift. Is it a gift or a lack of effort?

Fourth of July car commercials are traditionally just a background distraction during backyard barbecues. But this year, you might want to pay attention. President Trump is currently considering imposing big tariffs on foreign cars, which would increase their sticker prices by thousands of dollars.

Can someone tell me the relevant similarities between a non-English speaker using an EBT card at the grocery store and a person buying ammunition?

To pay homage to Mr. Leigh: My property taxes increased by 800 percent for 2018 on 4.57 acres home site alone. Somewhere along the line our state legislature got out of line on taxing personal property. My opinion, tax everyone (eliminate GATE priveliges and the many other credits sought by …

America has come a long way from July 4, 1776, when it declared its independence from Great Britain, and said in its declaration, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these…

During the Lowe’s Salute to Veterans event on Saturday I met an individual participating in the event who was obviously a veteran — tough exterior, thick skinned, a true soldier, a hero. I invited him to participate in an event in my home town to which he replied, “This display has about as …

If you do not read the Observer thoroughly, you probably missed the small, but important, article in the May 23, 2018 issue. Way over on the inside edge of page four, the tiny article said only that a food related company would take out a $90 million bond to set up an industry in Thomasville, which would provide 225 jobs.  Yep  we lost another one to Thomasville.

Webster’s dictionary defines appreciation as feeling or expression of admiration, approval or gratitude.

As someone who enjoys local area baseball history, I am looking for information on the 1948 Meigs High School Baseball Team.

With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, Phantom Fireworks would like to remind our friends and customers that some pets adversely react to the lights and noise of fireworks. With a little extra effort, our pets can be spared the trauma they sometimes experience from fireworks.

A widely-covered recent report by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition claims that “nowhere in the country” can a minimum-wage earner afford a two-bedroom apartment. This headline-grabbing conclusion raises an obvious question: Why isn’t there a crisis of homelessness among minimum wage…

Last week a employee of the Star-Telegram did a usual media job on The Southern Baptist Convention here in Dallas, Texas.

This is a plea for the community to assist in the placement of flags on deceased veterans graves on Memorial Day.

The Flag of the United States. The Star Spangled Banner. The Stars and Stripes. The Red, White and Blue. Old Glory. By any name, the flag is the most treasured symbol of the United States.

Georgie Ann Geyer, an 83 year old columnist writes today about, “The forgotten importance of manners.” Ms Geyer quotes a British philosopher, Edmund Burke: “Manners are of more importance than laws.” We legislate laws contrary to civility. (Formal politeness and courtesy in behavior and spee…

Graduation is a special time of year to acknowledge the hard work and success of students. For Georgia Connections Academy, a statewide virtual public charter school, graduation holds another special meaning — it’s an opportunity for students and teachers to celebrate with one another face-t…

Thank you, Robert Hutson Ford, as volunteer driver taking veterans to and from the V.A. Hospital in Lake City, Florida, we have been in need for new transportation for a few years now.

Islamic terrorist bombings in Belgium; Islamic terrorist truck attacks in NYC, France, Germany, and Spain; and attacks in England and the U.S.are indicative of the violent Islamic extremism pervading the world.

Our first national attempt to secure a peaceful world and organize its nations happened in 1919. Pres. Wilson sought U.S. Senate approval establishing a “League of Nations,” which was denied. The second occurrence “United Nations” was confirmed Dec. 1945 by a vote of 89 to 2 by the U.S. Senate.

Someone ranted that Christians are hurting Christ because they are applauding President Trump and we should be concerned for his soul.

Thank you for the tremendous coverage of our veterans and veteran organizations this week. Your front page articles assist our organizations in raising awareness and donations for the worthy cause of honoring and helping the thousands of veterans in our communities.  The encouragement of you…

When will we wake up and sacrifice those who would promote personal violence and mass destruction, under the guise of “declared wars”? Dictators’ actions and Holy Wars account for too many undeserved deaths.

Sorrow so deep it can be seen but not said. “Strong men grasped each other’s hand, none able to express their sympathy to the bereft except by look.” A tide of sorrow swept over the small village, a silence of sadness breached only by the occasional “outburst of anguish from some broken-hearted mother, wife, or friend.”

What ever happened to the good old days when the worst things we had to fear on Memorial Day were traffic jams and indigestion?

Georgia is facing a pregnancy care crisis – we currently have the highest rate of maternal mortality in the U.S. Georgia received a D in the March of Dimes 2017 Premature Birth Report Card and ranks fifth highest for infant mortality rates according to the CDC.

As I look forward to Mother’s Day and its cherished bond between mother and child, my mind wanders to dairy cows, world-wide symbols of motherhood, who never get to see or nurture their own babies.

I am deeply concerned to hear the 6th grade basketball program here in Colquitt County is over. Boys and girls looked forward to this program every year. It laid the foundation for the rest of our Packer basketball programs.

On Scouting clubs acceptance of gender - Female. On a T V interview tonight Gov. Huckabee points out a 50 percent decline in the Boy Scouts Clubs membership before the name change to “BSA Scouts” acceptance of gender female in their general membership.

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” Also, much is to be learned from octogenarians.

April 22 marks the 50th observance of Earth Day. Each of us can celebrate by reducing our driving, use of electric energy, and consumption of animals. That’s right!

Fired FBI Director James B. Comey said, President Trump was “not fit to be president because of his moral values,” and that they did “not reflect the values of this country.”

Vladimir Putin denies Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections, but U.S. intelligence agencies have conclusive evidence of the meddling.

On Saturday April 28th the Moultrie Federated Guild and the Junior Woman’s Club will be out at Wal-Mart parking lot collecting items for The Serenity House, our local domestic violence shelter.

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