“Landlords have a financial interest in property. They are not benefactors from on high sent to save us from government gone wild. Their hypocrisy doesn’t surprise me. If it can save a buck and they can get away with it, they will. If landlords could be trusted they wouldn’t have to be regulated. In this town, they certainly need it.”

Tight clothing

“I was in a local business the other day and a woman comes in with a very tight, tight shirt on and no bra. Quite obvious! But why dress like that and come into a business? I just don’t understand.”

Achievement Center

“The Achievement Center is always last on the list for all things needed. Thanks Coach Dawson for working so hard for everyone at the Achievement Center. If people would just visit and see the work going on they would be very impressed. My child thrived there and I appreciate everything. They need mentors too!”


“Thank you, City of Moultrie for trying to make our housing better. We hear and see a couple of the landlords talking bad about you, but don’t worry. They cry and whine about everything. Keep on improving our community.”

Direct traffic

“I’m old enough to remember when the cops directed traffic around a minor accident so as to minimize inconveniencing the traveling public.”

Deals, not treaties

“Obama’s Iran Nuke deal was a “deal” not a treaty. It never would’ve passed the Senate and just because Obama agreed with it doesn’t make it the law of the land. This deal was as illegitimate as the Paris Accord and TPC, none of which were even considered for a required Senate vote. Emperor Obama never had the authority.”

Get what you pay for

“Liberals think everyone should enjoy really nice housing. Everything is relative. If you pay less for housing, you get less for housing; you get less probably because you make less. That’s called incentive. Not the landlord’s fault. You chose the rental, nobody forced you to move in. When government interferes by mandating repairs, your rent increases, you get less again.”

Landlords can't afford improvements

“Abusive tenants are quite common, more so than abusive landlords. Many landlords simply cannot afford to make expensive repairs, especially knowing the city is going to force the issue by turning the power off. Turning the power off is just plain wrong. Can’t rent it out at all then.”

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