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January 31, 2013

YMCA offering swim lessons

The Moultrie Observer

MOULTRIE — At the Moultrie YMCA, swim lessons are offered year round.

Classes are taught for children and adults with progressive swim lessons ranging from Baby & Me (ages 6 months – 2 years old); pre-school (ages 3 - 5 years old); youth (ages 6 – 12 years old); and adult (ages 13 and up).

Swim lessons will resume on February 5 at the YMCA.

The pre-school and youth swim classes offer an opportunity for networking and learning more about one’s self.

Swim lessons offer children and adults opportunities to build skills and confidence, as well as to strengthen bonds between families and students, while teaching aquatic survival skills and reinforcing positive values.

Personal growth for children includes improving social skills, setting and celebrating goals, and improving motivation to learn.

Personal safety skills learned in Swim Lessons provide students opportunities to increase self-awareness and confidence in their abilities and chances to learn key safety elements and awareness of safety precautions.

Youth and adult swimming encourage students’ self-awareness and self-confidence.

 Lessons also boost learning and enhance swimming skills, strength and endurance; in turn improving wellness and helping students build social skills.

The Baby & Me swim class is special in that it reaches children and parents early in their relationship.

 Parents are given guidance on how to develop their children’s abilities and how to protect their children from harm in, on, and around the water; children are given the chance to explore a new environment and to build skills that add to their self-confidence.

 Both benefit from taking part in an experience that lets them learn and have fun together in the water.

With the spring and summer months approaching, the Moultrie YMCA Aquatics Director, Felicia Richardson, feels that learning water safety and skills is extremely important. “The South Georgia heat tends to make children and adults crave the water; whether it is a pool, pond, river, lake or beach,” Richardson says. “Preparing a child or adult to know the safeties in and around water is what the Y is here to do.”

For more information on the Aquatics Program at the Moultrie YMCA, please contact Felicia Richardson at 985-1154 or visit the Moultrie YMCA’s website,

To register for YMCA swim lessons, please contact the Member Services Desk at the Y, 985-1154.