ATLANTA — Dinosaurs have come back from extinction and taken over the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Until Aug. 16, Georgians can hop in the car and venture through Jurassic Quest, a pop-up outdoor adventure park with more than 70 animatronic dinosaurs.

From the comfort of your vehicle, a guided audio tour brings you the chance to get up close and personal with Neoraptors, Triceratops and history's largest shark — Megaladon.

The touring exhibit went from a museum-like display indoors to a drive-through activity after the pandemic hit the country.

Sarah Menard, who plays the part of “Safari Sarah,” said families can listen to the guided audio tour that describes the Jurassic scenes in front of them in a safe and air-conditioned spot.

“When we realized we would no longer be able to house our dinosaurs and our customers safely in a building,” she said, "we decided let's try it outside.”

While the show is geared toward children, she said, lots of teenagers and adults come just to get a glimpse of what dinosaurs may have looked like when they walked the earth.

But the main attraction — fittingly named the king of the dinosaurs —Tyrannosaurus rex. Near the end of the show, the giant hunts down Triceratop prey.

Patrons can even text a number to reach Park Ranger Marty — dinosaur expert — if they have any questions.

Tickets for the Jurassic Quest drive-through experience are $49 per vehicle. The show will be at the Atlanta Motor Speedway from July 31 through Aug. 16. Hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily and tickets can be purchased at

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