Marjorie Stephenson

Marjorie Stephenson and the YMCA's Kathy Warner pose at the Y.

MOULTRIE, Ga. — Marjorie Stephenson became a YMCA member in July of this year. She described the struggle, as a widow, to just even take that first step on her own and walk through the doors of the Moultrie Y to begin the process. 

With a little push and encouragement from a friend who suggested that she needed to get out of the house and exercise, Marjorie checked into insurance options and discovered the Silver Sneakers option. Still, holding back and contemplating for months about joining the Y; when she finally made up her mind to take that big step, COVID-19 hit!  Finally walking through the doors of the Moultrie Y in July 2020, she soon realized that it was one of the best decisions she could have made for her life.                                                       

You see, Marjorie Stephenson has quite a story to share... Let's start back around the year 2000 when she was diagnosed with a golf ball sized tumor at the base of her brain, which also pressed against her spinal cord. Although the doctors didn't think it was cancerous, it required a very, very complicated 13-hour surgery in August 2001 to remove it and also some radiation afterwards to prevent any possible growth back. After surgery, she was placed in an induced coma in a neurological ICU for 10 days. Doctors gradually brought her out of the coma and once out of the hospital, her prognosis to return to work and normal life was at least six months to a year. A very determined Marjorie, being the fighter that she is, decided to set a goal that she would eat Thanksgiving dinner in November. And to her delight, the tracheotomy was removed and she indeed was able to eat a very small Thanksgiving meal, nonetheless, a feast! From there, Marjorie pushed through to go back to work part-time in January 2002 and on to her full time work schedule in February 2002.                                                                                      

When you ask Marjorie where her strength and healing came from, she will readily give all the glory to her faith in God. "Nothing is impossible with God.”  (Luke 1:37).                                   

So today, she is a YMCA success story, for sure! Since joining the Moultrie Y and coming to exercise workouts three days a week, Marjorie has reached important health goals such as improved strength and balance, more rhythm, more energy and more confidence. And although she may have had to modify some exercise moves in the beginning, she has gradually built up her stamina, coordination, flexibility and strength to a healthier level.                          

Not only does she reap the physical benefits of exercise workouts; Marjorie says that the fellowship and the sense of belonging here at the Moultrie YMCA is something that she treasures. 

For more information about the Moultrie Y, call Kathy Warner at (229) 985-1154 or email her at

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