VALDOSTA, Ga. — More than 2,100 students were named to Valdosta State University's Fall 2020 Dean's List.

Dean's List honors are reserved for the highest achieving students at VSU.

To qualify for Dean's List at VSU, students must achieve a semester grade point average of 3.50 or higher on nine or more semester hours with an institutional grade point average of 3.00 or higher. Please note that developmental studies, transient, and graduate students are not eligible for Dean's List status.

The following area residents are recognzed on this list of distinguished and accomplished students who exemplify excellence in the attainment of their educational goals:

Taylor Searcy of Pavo

Joshua Rewis of Norman Park

Susana Ramirez of Moultrie

Russell Bynum of Moultrie

Hannah Hollandsworth of Moultrie

Kemeshia King of Moultrie

America Leon of Omega

Taylor Broome of Pavo

Daniela Reyes Escalona of Moultrie

Cassidy Weaver of Pavo

Nathan Hiers of Sale City

Kinley Weldon of Moultrie

Ashlan Norris of Moultrie

Teresa Stringer of Moultrie

Zackary Kilgore of Moultrie

Kendall Salter of Coolidge

Weston Rogers of Norman Park

Ashley Charles of Moultrie

Patricia Dominguez- Dominguez of Moultrie

Jacqueline Ramirez Rubio of Moultrie

Tristan Addi of Moultrie

Keri Brown of Moultrie

Brian Velasco of Moultrie

Jennifer Gonzalez of Pavo

Naiomi Valdez of Moultrie

Valentina Carrichi of Norman Park

Erin Smith of Berlin

Victoria Allegood of Moultrie

Brody Smith of Coolidge

Micah Dodson of Ochlocknee

Kalyn Humphries of Sale City

Matthew Taylor of Moultrie

Laigan Lagle of Funston

Flor Ceniceros of Moultrie

Joylinn Del Angel of Norman Park

Brenna Taylor of Moultrie

Haley Boyd of Pavo

Abby Taylor of Moultrie

Cara Eaton of Ochlocknee

Joanna Olguin of Omega

Jared Collum of Moultrie

Samuel Davis of Pavo

Margaret Taylor of Moultrie

Marcela Crumpton Blandon of Moultrie

Brandy Carrichi of Moultrie

Brianna Cook of Meigs

Melinda Hurst of Ochlocknee

Jaycee Harden of Moultrie

Ismael Moreno Hurtado of Moultrie

Destiny Chambers of Moultrie

Emily McCord of Moultrie

Leslie Hunt of Doerun

Jada Bynum of Moultrie

Julio Contreras of Moultrie

Mackenzie Gilbreath of Meigs

Naomi Goodno of Moultrie

Maria Hernandez of Moultrie

Andrea Hernandez Sanchez of Moultrie

Abigail Plant of Moultrie

Yesenia Rodriguez of Norman Park

Hunter Russell of Hartsfield

Stephanie Abrams of Moultrie

Kaylee Brinson of Moultrie

Evelin Carranza Lopez of Moultrie

Kelly McDougald of Ochlocknee

Clara Whittington of Omega

Elizabeth Hampton of Moultrie

Khusbu Patel of Moultrie

Jessica Spence of Meigs

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