MOULTRIE -- An alleged victim of rape in the county courthouse has failed to show up for a polygraph test.

The woman said she was raped by a state inmate on a work detail in Jury.

The complainant, a 30-year-old Moultrian, was to have taken the lie detector test Friday. She reportedly told sheriff's investigators she couldn't make it. Investigators enterpreted her response as a "refusal," Colquitt County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) Chief Investigator Hal Suber said Monday.

"We're going to offer it to her probably one more time. If she refuses it, we're going to present it to a grand jury and let them decide," Suber said.

The rape suspect, Taquawn R. Pollard, 30, already has taken a polygraph test a couple of weeks ago, but those results won't be determined until the complainant complies with a test, Suber said. So far, no charges have been brought against Pollard.

The inmate, however, has been locked in an isolation ward since the complainant said he raped her in a courthouse men's room in early July. Pollard was on a work detail on the courthouse lawn that day.

Colquitt County Correctional Institution (CCCI) Warden Billy Howell said an internal disciplinary court already has added four months to Pollard's sentence for procedure violations. He currently is serving a 10-year sentence from 1999 obstruction and cocaine convictions, Georgia Department of Corrections records said.

Pollard has served several prison terms before this one, but none were for sex-related crimes, records showed.

"I'm ready to move him on either way. We've dealt with him internally here through our disciplinary court, but I don't want to do anything to create a hardship on the local investigation," Howell said.

The warden said it would be best to move Pollard to another institution given the breach of security. But if he were to be charged with rape, he would be brought back to a Colquitt County facility to await trial.

Meanwhile, county officials don't expect to reassess the use of inmate labor until the conclusion of the sheriff's investigation plus the close of a Georgia Bureau of Investigation probe into recent theft within the county's purchasing department, allegedly by an inmate assigned to work duty there.

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