MOULTRIE -- At least 450 students and adults came out to Willie B. Withers Auditorium Wednesday night for See You At The Party. The event was the conclusion to See You At The Pole, a time for students to gather at their school for prayer, held Wednesday morning.

Danny Copeland, of Meigs, was the keynote speaker, and he shared about how he came to know Jesus Christ as his Savior and challenged everyone to give their lives to Christ. He said he attended church with his roommate and friends while attending Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Ky.

It wasn't until his roommate stopped going to church and started attending a campus Bible study that Copeland said he came to know Christ. He initially resisted attending the Bible study, hosted by his roommate, but he said one night he felt God's conviction.

It was at that Bible study that Copeland said he realized that what he had been holding onto that night was worthless. Andy Meeker, the leader of the Bible study, talked about giving God His proper place in our lives, and Copeland said he felt God was calling him to trust Him with everything in his life.

Copeland said everything in his life, including his dream of playing professional football, took off once he trusted God. Copeland played for the Washington Redskins from 1991 to 1993, being on the team that won Super Bowl XXVI in 1992.

Copeland then called on the students to fulfill a mission of sharing Christ's message with everyone and to encourage people to grow in the Lord. He said our lives here on Earth are only temporary, and everyone needs to remember that with Christ everyone will take part in a party for all eternity, but that, he said, requires a decision to believe in Christ.

"Unless we make the decision to surrender our lives to Christ," Copeland said, "we're not going (to the eternal party)."

Before leaving the stage, Copeland said he prays the students and adults bless Moultrie and Colquitt County and "turn this place upside down."

In addition to Copeland, the bands Letters to Timothy and Crossing 47 led the crowd in worship. Prizes ranged from T-shirts and caps to gift certificates for Al's Subs, Domino's Pizza and Bruster's.

The morning gatherings at the schools for See You At The Pole were much higher than anticipated. Kim Hancock, Southwest Georgia Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) administrative assistant, said 325 students attended the See You At The Pole events at Colquitt County High School and the two middle schools.

There was also a breakfast for students Wednesday held prior to See You At The Pole, and Hancock said 145 students attended it.

Meghan Horton, president of Colquitt County High School's Christ Club and FCA, said she was really glad to see so many people show up at both See You At The Pole and at See You At The Party. She said she was really thankful God has given the students at CCHS an opportunity like this to "let His light shine in us and through us."

Keith Warburg, the electric guitar player for Letters to Timothy, said the atmosphere at the party was really energetic.

Chris Shiver said events such as See You At The Pole are always a good thing "because it gives students the opportunity to openly share the word of God."

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