MOULTRIE -- The Georgia Bureau of Investigation called Monday's mass murder of five people in Colquitt County "systematic killings" but still have no suspect.

GBI Director Vernon Keenan directed the play of a 911 tape recorded at 2:53 p.m. Monday. The calm voice of a 12-year-old boy, Luciano Resendez, reported he and his three cousins discovered his aunt and uncle dead after they got off the school bus. The other three children, ages 5, 7 and 9, the children of Tina Resendez, were heard crying in the background.

"There's blood everywhere. There's blood on the walls," Luciano told the 911 operator.

"I got scared. I just walked in and then go get the phone," he said. "All I saw was blood."

Investigators are unclear whether there was forced entry but the house was ransacked.

"Four adults and a child were surprised in the residence by one or a number of perpetrators ... or did two of them get surprised and the other two taken at a later time ... we don't know that," Keenan said

All victims were shot execution style, he said, likely a couple of hours after the children were taken to school at 7:30 a.m. The victims were Katrina "Tina" Darlene Resendez, 29, and her husband Jaime Cruz Resendez, 25, both of 3194 Ga. Hwy. 37 E.; Tina's mother, Betty Watts, 50, of Norman Park; and an unidentified Hispanic woman, who, family said, worked as a baby-sitter and housekeeper at the house.

Jaime and Tina were found dead in the hallway, Keenan said. Tina was bound. The unidentified woman was bound also but was in the living room at the front of the house. Betty Watts was found in the bathroom and was not tied up.

The 3-year-old boy, Juan Carlos Resendez, the only child of both Tina and Jaime, was found covered by blankets in an upright position wedged up to his shoulders between the mattress and headboard of a bed in a bedroom, Keenan said. He was shot in the head as well.

The crime scene suggests Jaime fought off his assailant and tried to protect his son, the GBI director said. It is speculated that he may have tried to hide the child in the bed.

The bodies are still in autopsy, and Keenan did not discuss any other evidence. Investigators focused earlier on a car trunk in the backyard, but Keenan would not discuss it either.

Tina Resendez worked with her landlord, Ronnie Gaines, at his Gaines Livestock in Quitman, and Jaime worked as a carpenter. The family had lived there since August, Gaines said.

Jaime's parents, Luciano and Maria Resendez, live in Mexico. Although he and Tina were married since 2000, authorities are unclear whether Jaime is an American citizen. Representatives from the Mexican consulate in Atlanta are traveling to Moultrie to, among other things, assist in identifying the Hispanic woman who Tina's family refers to as "Lily." She was in her late 20s or early 30s, Keenan said. An alien residence identification card was found with her photo on it, he said.

Tina has another son, a middle school student, who lived with Betty Watts and her husband, Jerry. Betty and Tina had taken the boy to school that day, Watts' sister-in-law Joanne Dorman said. School officials said he had recently switched middle schools. All the children are under protective custody of the Department of Family and Children.

"I think everybody is taking it as well as can be expected except (Watts') husband. Her husband and other two kids are all to pieces," Dorman said. "I'm just thinking that Betty was just there when it all took place."

Earlier interviews pointed investigators toward a white pickup truck seen in the vicinity of the murder scene. That lead has been checked out and is now eliminated, Keenan said. He and Colquitt County Sheriff's Office Chief Investigator Hal Suber did confirm that they are looking into the theft of a black 2002 Chevrolet C1500 truck that day. The truck was taken for a test drive at Mercer Motors, 2700 First Ave. S.E., between 1 and 1:30 p.m. that day but was never returned, a Moultrie police report said. A driver's license the alleged offender presented to the salesperson listed a Baytown, Texas, address, but the Hispanic man, possibly in his mid-30s, gave another name before he took the car, reports said.

Clarence Norman Road will remained closed until investigators finish processing the scene, which could be as early as today, Suber said.

Keenan said the GBI is using all available resources -- state and federal -- to find the killer.

Investigators are asking for information regarding this case. Anyone with any information can contact the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office at (229) 626-7430 or the GBI at 1-800-597-TIPS.

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