MOULTRIE -- The decision to amend the county's subdivision ordinance was held off a bit further.

At issue at Monday's county commission meeting was the size of the subdivision. The county is looking to relax the subdivision requirements to better serve the subdivider and the county as a whole, Roads and Bridges Supervisor Charles Weathers said.

"When we voted (the subdivision ordinance) in initially, we knew we were going to have a few things that were going to have some changes. But the only problem the commissioners have now is the size of the lots. ... Some things were just a little bit too strict," Weathers said.

In August, the county asked the Moultrie-Colquitt County Planning Commission to reconsider a 25-acre lot recommendation for minor subdivisions. The commission wanted lot requirements to be five-acre lots. In September, the planning commission came back with a recommendation of 10 acres.

Commissioner Ray Norman moved to table the issue to get more input from citizens and allow Commissioner Merle Hall, absent from Monday's meeting due to illness, the chance to vote.

"Sooner or later we need to come to grips with it. Let's not keep putting it off and putting it off," Commission Chairman Max Hancock said.

Commissioner Randy Bannister also said that the county had waited long enough. The initial motion to table the issue did not carry. Bannister then made a motion to adopt the 10-acre recommendation, but that didn't carry either. So the matter was in effect tabled until the next commission meeting.

Weathers suggested to the commission that 10 acres would be fair.

The more relaxed regulations would hasten the approval process of splitting off larger tracts of land for subdividing. The process usually takes 60 to 90 days, and if any changes need to be made, a landowner would have to begin the process over again, he said.

-- By Lori Glenn

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