Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office


• Jose Alejandro Valdez, 33, of Moultrie was charged with battery, cruelty to children and terroristic threats and acts on Nov. 1.

• Geiler Aguila Fiallo, 28, of Moultrie was charged with three counts of forgery of financial transaction card on Oct. 31. He had an active warrant for his arrest and was spotted by a deputy on patrol on First Avenue S.E.

• Taylor Wade Walker, 22, of Norman Park was charged with terroristic threats on Oct. 31.

• Justin McLeod Hatcher, 36, of Sale City was charged with theft by taking motor vehicle on Nov. 1.

• Brianna Hamm, 26, of Doerun was charged with false report of a crime (stolen firearm) on Oct. 31.

• Cody Richardson Gignac, 30, of Moultrie was charged with driving while license withdrawn (second offense) and canceled registration on Nov. 1.

• Janet Elizabeth Jackson, 26, of Moultrie was charged with driving with suspended license (second offense), suspended tag (first offense) and no insurance on Oct. 30.

• Jerry Tomar Lewis, 39, of Moultrie was charged with failure to appear and probation violation on Oct. 30.

• Bridget Martin, 48, of Moultrie was charged with burglary second degree on Oct. 30.

• Alessandro Lara, 18, of Norman Park was charged with affray and battery on Oct. 30.

• Stephanie Jarvis Williams, 39, of Moultrie was arrested in Lowndes County on a bench warrant on Oct. 30 for a charge of obstruction made Sept. 21.

• Adair Hernandez, 21, of Norman Park was charged with open container in vehicle and driving without license on Oct. 31.


• On Oct. 30, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Lindale Avenue in reference to a financial transaction card fraud. The complainant stated someone stole $300 from her son, providing a receipt from her phone showing the money transfer.

• On Oct. 30, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Ga. Hwy. 133 South in reference to vehicular damage. The complainant stated the vehicle was repossessed, and the responding deputy found the rear bumper broken on the passenger side plus scratches.

• A one-vehicle accident with injury took place Oct. 31 at Gene McQueen and Revills roads. Colquitt County Sheriff’s Deputy Hughes reported finding on overturned vehicle on Revills Road, and the driver reported an animal ran in front of him. The driver was transported to Thomasville by EMS for a head injury.

• On Oct. 31, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a hit-and-run at Tift County Line Road where complainant stated she was rear-ended by a vehicle that fled the scene and that she had her daughter checked out by EMS due to complaints of head pain.

• On Nov. 1, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office, first responders and volunteer fire departments responded to a structure fire (camper) reported on Sylvester Road. The fire was extinguished. A property owner reported smelling smoke while inside his residence and saw smoke while looking out a window. The camper was reported as a complete loss while other damage to the back of the residence occurred.

• On Nov. 1, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Packer Park, where drugs were reported found. Sgt. Michael Jackson reported that a male subject said he and others found a backpack near the concession stand, and one of them found drugs in the bag. Jackson said he found the backpack and several items including two clear sandwich bags with suspected marijuana and a small vape oil container with possible THC oil. Jackson reported the people at the park were given verbal warning for loitering on school property after hours with no events scheduled.

Moultrie Police


• Wilsey Heath, 56, of Douglasville, Ga., was charged with driving with a suspended license and following too closely after an accident that occurred at Veterans Parkway and Tallokas Road on Oct. 30.

• Sedrick Hill, 51, of Moultrie was charged with seatbelt violation, windshield specifications, DUI, driving without license and no license on person on Oct. 31.

• George W. Hicks Jr., 69, of Moultrie was charged with DUI (second offense) on Nov. 1.

• Trayvin Dwayne Owens, 26, of Moultrie was charged with probation violation and obstruction of an officer on Nov. 1.

• Derrick Champion, 57, of Moultrie was charged with theft by taking on Oct. 31.

• Na’Javious Brown was charged with battery (family violence) on Oct. 30.


• On Oct. 30, Moultrie Police was advised of a lost wallet at Murphy’s on Veterans Parkway.

• On Oct. 30, Moultrie Police was dispatched to the intersection of Ga. Hwy. 37 and Industrial Drive in reference to a hit-and-run accident. A witness reported that a semi with an empty flatbed trailer collided with a vehicle, stopped on the side of the road then proceeded to drive away on Ga. 37 East. Contact was never made with the semi. The witness stated that the semi turned off of Industrial onto Ga. Highway 37, the empty trailer came too close to the other vehicle involved and the trailer’s rear right wheel hit the vehicle. The vehicle’s driver stated he was stopped at a sign when the accident occurred but could not recall any information about the truck. EMS was on the scene and assessed the driver for any injuries, but the driver was taken home by his son and the vehicle was towed.

• On Oct. 30, Moultrie Police report that a man was bleeding from his right hand at the Hampton Inn. The police state the subject would not say how he cut his hand. He was treated by EMS and agreed to go to Colquitt Regional Medical Center for further treatment.

• On Oct. 31, Moultrie Police were informed of found property by someone who discovered two plastic storage totes in the middle of the road while driving on Fifth Avenue N.W. The citizen reported finding papers of sensitive information, and it was later learned these were medical files from multiple people. The police report gave no information on whom the records belonged to.

Norman Park Police


• Elizabeth Lauren Jones, 17, of Norman Park was charged with driving without license and too fast for conditions on Oct. 31.

• Travion Jamar Jordan, 20, of Norman Park was charged with expired vehicle tag/decal, driving while license withdrawn, no insurance and theft by taking on Oct. 31.

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