Sheriff’s Office


• Linda Gail Clark, 46, 423 Eighth St. N.W., was charged Sept. 17 with compulsory school attendance.

• Paul William Gates, 30, 1083 Hall Road, was charged Sept. 16 with battery.

• Christopher Dee Hood, 42, 236 Brice St., Berlin, was charged on a grand jury bench warrant. Hood was arrested July 24 on other charges that have already been reported.

• Jamie Russell, 32, 100 Moonshadow Ridge, Fayetteville, Ga., was charged Sept. 17 on a bench warrant.

• James Bryant, homeless, was charged Aug. 29 with possession of methamphetamine.

• Arvin Tru Tucker, 18, 229 Cherry St., Norman Park, was charged Sept. 18 with interference with government property.

• Courtney Leigh Collura, 38, 197 Walker Drive, Norman Park, was charged Sept. 18 with first degree cruelty to children.

• Cedrick Tirese Barge, 22, 313 Sixth Street S.E., was charged Sept. 13 with entering an auto or other motor vehicle with intent of felony.

• Marcus Devine, 28, 816 Branch Road, Albany, was charged Sept. 18 with expired registration.

• Crystal Renee Douglas Jordon, 30, 3692 Georgia Highway 32, Bristol, Ga., was charged Sept. 18 with probation violation.

• Jamie Dwayne Prosser, 31, 1707 12th St. S.E., was charged Sept. 18 with possession of arms by a convicted felon and first offense probation and first-degree burglary.

Moultrie Police


• Oscar Sajche, 38, 386 Circle Road, was charged Sept. 17 with no driver’s license and tag light required.

• Frankie Laverne Hill, 48, 419 Eighth St. N.W., was charged Sept, 17 with battery.

• Noah Randall Taylor, 35, 243 John Vickers Road, Norman Park, was charged Sept. 17 with driving while his license was withdrawn and safety belt violation.

• Megan Kelsey Hall, 25, 2429 Georgia Highway 37 E., Lot 4, was charged Sept. 18 with simple assault and simple battery.

• Amber Nicole Griffin, 32 2228 Sardis Church Road, was charged Sept. 19 with probation violation.

• Raheim Jamal Carter, 19, 1211 Elliot Brown St., Apt. 4, was charged Sept. 14 with parole violation.


• A Moultrie resident reported a fight in the 800 block of Shy Manor Drive late Sept. 16. No arrests were made, and the case was marked unfounded since the initial aggressor couldn’t be determined.

• A Pelham resident reported aggravated assault on Sept. 17. No arrests were made.

• A Moultrie man was served a citation on Sept. 17 for misdemeanor driving while license suspended/revoked after MPD responded to a domestic dispute involving him.


• A Moultrie resident and Ameris Bank reported third degree forgery on Sept. 17. The original incident occurred on Sept. 5. No arrests were made.


• A Thomasville resident reported the theft of a cellphone from his vehicle on Sept. 16. No arrests were made.

• A Moultrie woman reported the misdemeanor theft by taking of her fanny pack on Sept. 17, entailing $154 worth of currency and other items. The offender is unknown, and the items have not been found.

Property Damage

• A Moultrie resident reported damage to his bedroom window on Sept. 16 by an unknown female offender.

• A woman on Fourth Street S.W. reported criminal trespass by an unknown offender who opened the window blinds and threw a small tree limb inside.    

Doerun Police


• Terry Lee McDaniel, 29, 3734 Old Albany Road, was charged Sept. 16 with driving under the influence (DUI), open container in vehicle, driving under the influence of marijuana and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Georgia State Patrol


• Donte Denzel Walker, 24, 132 Blairstone Lane, Thomasville, was charged Sept. 17 with speeding and driving while license was withdrawn.

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