Suspected marijuana, tobacco found

Suspected marijuana, at left, and wrapped bags containing cigarette tobacco and rolling papers, were left in restrooms at a Colquit County government building in two separate deliveries, according to the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

MOULTRIE — Two Colquitt County prison inmates and the wife of one of the prisoners have been charged in unrelated attempts to smuggle contraband into the facility.

The arrests also have eliminated the drop-off location — the Colquitt County Agricultural Complex — as a point for delivering prohibited materials to inmates, a Colquitt County Sheriff’s deputy said.

A receipt left in a bag containing tobacco and rolling papers led to the arrest of Lashonda Allen Harris, 32, of Statesboro, sheriff’s Inv. Jerome Burgess said. Burgess was able to determine a date on which she visited her husband, a 30-year-old inmate at Colquitt County Correctional Institution. The receipt led to the store where she purchased the tobacco and where she was seen on video making the buy.

Burgess said she placed the items in a garbage can in the men’s restroom of the agricultural complex the same day.

“Lashonda Harris is married to inmate Timothy Harris,” Burgess aid.

The identification of the building as a drop spot was discovered on April 22 when an unrelated drop was made there.

“An employee saw a suspicious vehicle,” Burgess said. “He saw a white female running out of the bathroom.”

The woman sped off in a car and the employee called the sheriff’s office. Burgess had barely arrived next door from the Colquitt County Jail building when, he said, Derick Simon, 31, came in to pick up about four ounces of marijuana that had been left in a garbage can in the women’s restroom.

“I didn’t even get set up; he barged in on me,” he said.

Burgess said he managed to duck around a corner out of sight before the inmate saw him.

Simon, who had access to the agricultural complex through his work assignment, apparently was making the pickup for someone else, Burgess said.

“He has not said who dropped it off,” he said. “He was getting paid to bring it in. He wouldn’t give up who he was getting it for.”

Timothy Harris and Simon were both arrested on April 22 and Lashonda Harris was arrested on Friday.

She has been charged with criminal attempt to provide items prohibited by an inmate, while her husband was charged with conspiracy to possess items prohibited by inmates.

Simon was charged with two counts possession of items prohibited by inmates.

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