MOULTRIE, Ga.— Moultrie City Council approved a change order to the South Main parking lot improvements in preparation for an additional $45,000 worth of improvements, it announced Feb. 4.

An underground diesel storage tank was found late last week during construction adjacent to the new dumpster enclosure. City Manager Pete Dillard thought it’d be the worst surprise but now thinks it won’t be as bad as it looks. 

“It’s practically rotten metal,” he said. “It doesn’t appear it’s been used in probably 40 or 50 years, but we still want to do everything right by the book.”

The city has already asked Doors of Arkansas to remove it. The contractor has started talking to the proper channels about the removal process as of Feb. 5 through a Tifton engineering consultant.

This process has a 72-hour waiting period, then all utility locates (potential underground utility lines) need to be found. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division will need to be contacted beforehand, however.

The original contract was worth $262,419.48 but removing the tank will add $45,000 to that budget. It takes it to roughly $307,000, Dillard said.

“The next closest bid was $340,000 or $360,000, so we’re not even close to the next closest bid even with the change order,” he said. 

This increased budget will come from SPLOST funds and will include the demolition, a brick border to beautify the area, labor, equipment and a new water line.

“We’re putting in a new water line to service just about anything that can happen along there (north and south side of the area),” Dillard said.  

Dillard said the change order also includes rerouting rainwater from the east side buildings into a new storm drain to decrease puddling and city officials have talked about replacing the terra cotta sewer pipes with PVC pipes.

“We want to replace the whole thing with PVC before we put expensive concrete down,”  he said. “It’s a typical city government thing to pave a street, put down a sidewalk and six months later we dig it up. We want to avoid that.”

The city council approved the third and final readings to the zoning ordinance amending Article 4 Section 4.33 Signs; and the alcohol ordinance regarding two events: alcohol at special events in the special district, and an 18-month time limit for commencement of business in licensed establishments and forfeiture for nonuse.

Three bids for six vehicles for the Solid Waste and Utility Departments were approved. 

The Utility department accepted bids of $41,9394 for two 2020 half-ton regular cab pick-up trucks and $74,382 for three 2020 half-ton four-door crew cab trucks, both from Robert Hutson.

Solid Waste accepted a bid of $136,403 for a Performance Peterbuilt semi-truck with wet line kit. A consulting agreement with Network Technology Solutions for the IT network was also approved.


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