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MOULTRIE – Signs up. Signs down.

In changes involving streets and roads, Moultrie City Manager Pete Dillard mentioned to the City Council Tuesday a request made to the Georgia Department of Transportation – one that’s been lingering more than a year – for a stop light at Veterans Parkway and 31st Avenue.

“That’s the street that runs out from the hospital,” said Dillard during the Moultrie Council’s work session. “The hospital has requested it. That’s DOT’s decision. We requested they approve it. Don’t expect it anytime soon.”

Nita Birmingham, media contact for the Georgia DOT district office in Tifton, said the district Traffic Operations office has recommended the signal, but it has not been approved by the chief engineer in Atlanta. If the signal is approved, she said it will be a new construction project, which would be years out.

Currently, drivers on 31st Avenue must stop at a stop sign while those on Veterans Parkway have the right-of-way.

In a second DOT-related move, for the northbound traffic on Main Street and Lower Meigs Road, Dillard brought up the possible addition of a left-turn lane.

“I assume (they will) adjust the lights accordingly,” he said. “We’ve had some pretty bad accidents, actually a higher frequency than normal. People wanting to turn, coming north, turning left on Lower Meigs, it’s got a blind spot coming over that hill.”

Birmingham said this is also preliminary, and that the Traffic Operations office is looking at converting a through lane to a left turn lane. This proposal has yet to be sent to the Atlanta office.

A third change involves city streets. The council agreed that it’s time to remove some stop signs at Third Street and 11th Avenue Southwest.

“We made it a three-way stop,” said Dillard. “I guess some people have indicated they didn’t think we needed those stop signs anymore.”

“It’s not 100 yards, 100 feet almost from where to stop (at Third Street) until you’ve got another stop,” said Mayor Bill McIntosh.

Dillard specified it’s the two signs on 11th Avenue that would be removed, but there would still be a sign where Third Street dead-ends at 11th Avenue. The mayor referred to another three-way stop at 11th Avenue and Fourth Street – the street that includes Willie J. Williams School and the Moose Moss Aquatic Center – that would remain in tact.

Councilman Cecil Barber said it’s the residents who don’t want the signs there anymore.

“We’ll go with the residents,” said Councilwoman Lisa Clarke Hill.

Dillard said it didn’t require a council vote, but he wanted the members to know about the move in case they hear about it later.

“If you find the sentiment’s in a different direction, let me know,” he said.

Also at Tuesday’s council meeting, Dillard said he wants to move ahead with preparing a city ordinance regarding microbreweries. These types of breweries produce small amounts of beer and are independently owned.

“It’s one of those ‘Field of Dreams’ things. If you build it, they will come,” said Dillard. “Communities have had good success with these. I will ask (city attorney) Mickey Waller if he can work up something for you to consider.”

Unrelated to that, the council voted to approve the rezoning of 0.59 acres of land at 3285 Veterans Parkway South and Pearl Street. The applicant was Lane-Sullivan Inc., and the request was to change the land from a C-3 commercial district to a Townhouse District.

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