MOULTRIE, Ga. — From the pages of “Be careful what you wish for,” one Colquitt County man may wish he had not been so insistent while demanding some property from a departing girlfriend.

Keithus Damon Troupe briefly saw his “stuff” only to have it confiscated and being handcuffed himself after an officer found suspected marijuana in the woman’s shoe.

The episode began at about 1:15 p.m. on Thursday when an officer was dispatched to Troupe’s 190 Billy Johnson Lane residence to check on Demoney Reams, according to the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office. When the officer arrived Reams, 22, of Coolidge was holding a laundry hamper containing clothes and arguing with Troupe.

Reams, 22, told police that she was having issues with Troupe and that she needed a ride to Coolidge before putting her belongings in the back seat of the officer’s patrol car and taking a seat beside her clothes.

Troupe approached the car, police said, and “asked her multiple times for his stuff.” Reams told the officer she did not have any of Troupe’s property, but he insisted she did and that “she knows what stuff.”

Finally, police said, Troupe admitted that the “stuff” was marijuana and that Reams had taken it. When asked, Reams let the officer search her bag, and inside a pair of shoes he found a plastic bag containing suspected marijuana.

Troupe told the officer that the marijuana was his, reports said, and Reams said that she did not know how it got into her shoe. Troupe also denied knowing how the marijuana ended up in the shoe but again admitted that it belonged to him.

Police charged Troupe, 21, with possession of marijuana. He was released on a $1,361 bond for the misdemeanor accusation.

In other arrests

• Joseph Tyler, 26, 1264 Bay Rockyford Road, Hartsfield, was charged Thursday with aggravated battery.

• Roberto Simon Carrillo, 25, 28 Regency Village Drive, was charged Thursday with driving without license.

• Tyanna Ny-Miah Patillo, 18, 2172 Second St. S.W., was charged Thursday with disrupting a public school.

• Nolan Thompson, 24, 174 Grady Matthews Road, was charged Friday with theft by taking.


Moultrie Police

• Caleb Christian DeMott, 20, 18 Country Cove, was charged Sept. 4 with entering auto or other motor vehicle with intent of felony.


Moultrie Police

• Lee Lasseter, 25, Moultrie, reported Thursday the theft of property valued at $200 in the 200 block of Second Avenue Northwest.


Moultrie Police

• Charles Ashton, 400 block East Central Avenue, reported Thursday that a male acquaintance stole his 5-month-old pit bull/Labrador retriever mix puppy.

Ashton told police that his roommate witnessed the acquaintance leaving with the puppy.

• Bridgette Calhoun, 1400 block Sixth Avenue Southwest, reported Thursday the theft of her wallet containing $400 and identification cards.

Calhoun told police that she was alone when a male relative stopped by briefly and used her restroom. After he left she noticed that her wallet was gone from the kitchen countertop, where she had placed it.

While an officer was at the residence the relative returned, police said. He denied taking the wallet.


Moultrie Police

• James Witt, 10 block Seventh Avenue Southwest, reported Thursday that a male acquaintance slapped him in the face.

Witt had no visible injuries, police said, and other man was not at the residence when an officer arrived. The officer explained the procedure for having a trespass notice served.

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