MOULTRIE — A Moultrie woman reported she was run over by a vehicle during an altercation Thursday night.

Tawana Mack reported the incident to police officers after the incident took place. She was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center after her arm was run over by the Mazda Protégé, and a hospital spokesperson said she was treated for the injury and released Thursday.

Police reports said Mack went to the Arts Center Apartments parking lot on Seventh Avenue Southwest at 9:34 p.m. Thursday to talk to a male acquaintance. The two got into an argument because the male acquaintance was leaving the parking lot with a female acquaintance.

The male acquaintance got into a Mazda Protégé, and reports said Mack got into the vehicle with him while the female acquaintance sat in the driver’s seat. Police said the male acquaintance told the female acquaintance to drive off, knowing Mack was not securely within the vehicle and could have been seriously hurt or killed.

The female acquaintance drove the Protégé with Mack “clinging onto the vehicle for life,” as a witness told officers, reports said. She told police that both the acquaintances told Mack to let go of the vehicle or they would spray her with Mace, so she let go of it.

Reports said the Protégé drove over Mack’s arm after she let go of the vehicle. Colquitt County Emergency Medical Service personnel were called to the scene and took Mack to Colquitt Regional.

While one of the officers was on his way to Colquitt Regional, reports said he was told the female acquaintance wanted to talk to an officer about the incident. The officer and two Moultrie police investigators went to the female acquaintance’s residence and spoke with her.

The woman told the officer and investigators Mack was trying to fight her inside the Protégé, which is why she began to drive away. The incident is still under investigation by the Moultrie Police Department.


• Danielle Jordan, 18, of 723 Third Ave. N.W., was charged Thursday with driving with a suspended license.

• Camilla Hernandez, 34, of 336 Willow Drive, was charged Wednesday with driving without a license.

• Jamie Cartie Solomon, 32, of 401 Magnolia Manor, Apt. D, was charged Wednesday with nine counts of a Georgia employment security law violation.

Other Incidents

• An attendant at Quick Mart on Veterans Parkway reported an unknown person pumped $41.64 in gasoline Thursday and left without paying for it. The attendant described the vehicle as a blue Ford Explorer driven by a white female, but he was unable to provide officers with the vehicle’s tag number.

• A teller at Ameris bank on South Main Street reported Geraldine Velasquez cashed a check Thursday sent to her from a known male March 14. Velasquez then took the money and sent a MoneyGram to another known male to claim a fraudulent International Lottery Commission prize of $480,000. The amount of the check was $3,750.87.

• Susan Herndon, of Herndon Road, reported an unknown person called her residence Thursday claiming he was from the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office. The man, calling himself “Turner,” claimed he had a search warrant for Herndon’s residence and would come to serve the warrant Friday, giving her a case number for the warrant. The sheriff’s office, however, does not have a current employee named Turner.

• Cindy Freeman reported Monday a male employee installed the wrong transmission on her semi truck at Carroll’s Garage on Highway 37 Feb. 22. Freeman had brought a transmission to the shop to be installed but found that transmission was not put on the truck. The value of the missing transmission was unknown at the time of report.

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