THOMASVILLE — Loaded firearms were seized Wednesday from a vehicle forced into a ditch by drug agents. Methamphetamine and marijuana were found on the driver.

After receiving a tip that Grady County resident David Kennedy would deliver methamphetamine and a firearm to  a Coolidge business, Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics/Vice agents — in two vehicles — set up surveillance around noon on Murphy Road near Mary Owens Road. Agents planned to box in Kennedy’s Chevrolet Camero to prevent a chase.

“We were told (Mr.) Kennedy said if law enforcement got behind him, he would flee,” Kevin Lee, narcotics/vice commander said.

Lawmen saw Kennedy approaching. One narcotics/vice vehicle — with blue lights activated — pulled in front of the Camero.

Lee said that when Kennedy saw the law enforcement vehicle, he accelerated and attempted to go around the car.

The narcotics car forced the Chevrolet into a ditch, and officers approached the Camero.

“(Mr.) Kennedy appeared to be reaching for an item on the seat,” Lee explained. “We thought he was reaching for a gun.”

On the front seat of the Camaro, agents found a loaded assault rifle and a loaded handgun.

“We also found a bag with numerous ammunition inside,” the commander said.

Agents found several bags of methamphetamine, marijuana and digital scales in the suspect’s pockets.

Kennedy, 36, 471 Whigham Road, Whigham, who is on probation and parole, is charged with obstruction of officer by fleeing, methamphetamine possession with intent to distribute, possession of firearm by a convicted felon, possession of firearm during commission of a crime and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

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