MOULTRIE — Officers confiscated weapons, marijuana and a suspected methamphetamine manufacturing operation last week after they were allowed inside two county homes, Colquitt County Drug Enforcement Team investigators said.

The suspected methamphetamine and a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol were found Wednesday inside a 107-A Vinson St. home when a resident allowed officers to come inside.

In a bedroom they found Cynthia Marie Hobgood and Michael David Kirkland with what appeared to be a meth lab, investigator Rod Howell said.

“We got information that there’s probable methamphetamine activity at this house,” he said. “We did a ‘knock and talk’ and received consent to search. In a bedroom in plain view we could see components for a meth lab.”

Those components included tubing, coffee filters with a powder that officers suspect was an ingredient for meth. There also were batteries, camp stove fuel and other materials.

They also found a three-layered liquid that is characteristic of manufacturing the drug, Howell said. The suspected methamphetamine has been sent to the state crime laboratory for analysis.

Hobgood, 30, 505 Coy Dairy Road, and Kirkland, 39, Oak Street, Omega, each was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office reports said. Hobgood also was charged with simple assault and Kirkland was charged with possession of a firearm while trying to commit crimes.

In a separate incident on Wednesday, Francisco Martinez, 21, 23 Regency Village, was charged with manufacturing marijuana after a marijuana plant was found inside the residence. He also was charged with possession of a firearm while trying to commit crimes.

Drug Enforcement Team Sgt. Mark Williams said that a tip also lead them to approach that particular home.

“We asked (another) resident, she let us in,” he said.

The marijuana plant, along with three shotguns, a rifle and a pistol, were found in the bedroom of the woman identified as Martinez’s, Williams said. Martinez, who was outside the residence when officers arrived, was arrested at that time.

The people who let officers inside the two residences were not charged in either case.

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