MOULTRIE — A Moultrie woman reported someone knocked on her back door Wednesday night claiming to be a police officer.

Ashley Watson, of Seventh Avenue Southwest, reported someone started knocking on her back door at 8:57 p.m. Wednesday. The man claimed he was a police officer and needed to search her house for an escaped convict.

Watson stated she did not feel comfortable opening the door for the man, so she called 911 instead. When a real Moultrie police officer arrived, he could not find anyone outside the house. Watson stated she never saw the person but stated he sounded like a black male.


Moultrie Police

• Natalie Farrell, 28, of 709 12th Ave. S.E., was charged Wednesday with disorderly conduct (family violence).

• Tomika Trim, 25, of 1957 Sylvester Highway, was charged Wednesday with disorderly conduct (family violence).

• A juvenile girl was charged Wednesday with theft by shoplifting.

• Elena Lorraine Reid, 29, of 153 Ashley St. in Berlin, was charged Wednesday with trespassing.

• John Trim Jr., 35, of 615 Third St. S.E., was charged Wednesday with driving with a suspended license (third offense) and defective equipment.

• Ramsey Lewis Dennis, 31, of 701 Sixth St. S.E., was charged Wednesday with loitering.

• Davida Carlette Tuff, 25, of 800 Northside Drive, Apt. 3, was charged Wednesday with theft of services.

• Carla Collier, 42, of 718 First St. S.W., was charged Wednesday with tag lights required and driving with a suspended license.

Georgia State Patrol

• Matthew Lee Brown, 18, of 389 Cherokee Drive, was charged Wednesday with DUI, illegal possession of alcohol, failure to maintain lane and giving false information to an officer.

Other Incidents

Moultrie Police

• Christy Wool reported someone damaged a passenger window of her Pontiac Bonneville while it was parked at Wal-Mart on South Veterans Parkway Tuesday. Damage was estimated at $300.

• Natalie Farrell, of 12th Street Southeast, reported a male acquaintance let the air out of a tire and kicked the driver’s side and a passenger door of her Mazda 626 Wednesday. Damage was estimated at $300.

• Ottie Hayes reported a thief stole her bicycle when she stopped at a house on Seventh Street Northeast Wednesday. The value of the stolen bicycle was $113.

• Robert Spence, of Fifth Avenue Southwest, reported someone damaged an attic vent frame Wednesday. Damage was estimated at about $300.

• Mary Hill, of Third Avenue Northwest, reported a thief stole $500 cash from her dresser Wednesday. Hill gave officers the name of a male suspect.

• An attendant at Quik Mart on Veterans Parkway reported a thief pumped $10.03 in gasoline Wednesday and left without paying for it. The vehicle used was a blue station wagon, driven by a white male, and officers were given its tag number.

Colquitt County S.O.

• Christopher Bazal, of Silverwood Court, reported Wednesday someone used his wife’s name and credit card number to buy two Apple iPods and sent them to a Rhode Island address Oct. 19. The amount of the fraudulent purchase was estimated at about $810.

• Frank Chafin, of Sylvester Drive, reported a thief stole a grass trimmer worth $100 from his shed between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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