MOULTRIE, Ga. — Flintlock Annie is aiming to rock Moultrie, bringing back the sound of Americana to the Second Saturday stage on Aug. 8. Some might just see familiar faces too.

This will be the band’s largest performance since its inception back in April. Though it’s fairly new, its members are veteran musicians.

Daniel Parrish, the band’s singer and guitarist, said they’ll be hitting the town with covers of classics and a couple of originals.

“We’ll definitely be playing some old favorite rock classics, some country favorites and probably six or seven of our originals that we’ve written,” he said.

They’ll be mixing the genres up to keep the crowd happy. As far as the original songs go, the sound is Americana, but Parrish said the inspirations behind them can be a little muddled.

Case in point, “Somewhere Alabama.” Parrish wrote it while riding out to Mississippi for a friend’s wedding.

“Somewhere along the way, my wife — she was driving — said something about the sunset,”he said. “I was trying to take a picture of it and finally I got a picture of it in between the trees, off ramps and road signs.”

He took to social media and posted the picture, captioning it “Sunset in Somewhere, Alabama.” Fast track to two hours later, he was still writing the foreword for it.

“So, I just grabbed a pen and paper and started writing that song,” he said. “I just kind of came up with the feelings based around the title, I guess. That’s kind of how they all happen.”

Some of these songs have good stories whereas others take a life of their own.

In Parrish’s philosophy, “you can have the best laid plan when writing, but then the song takes over and takes you in a place where it wants to go.”

But while song origins aren’t the clearest of stories the band could tell, the band’s origins are much clearer. Parrish said its formation was a long time coming between him and fellow band member Deanna Verneau. She functions as the band’s singer and plays some percussion.

Both had their own bands beforehand — Daniel Parrish Band and Meow Kapow, respectively — but a jam session led them to think in the direction of Flintlock Annie.

“She and I were hanging out one night, just writing some music. We kind of liked the sound that we were coming up with,” Parrish said. “We started talking about maybe we should get together and do some stuff.”

Bringing together two from Verneau’s band — Taylor Vann, the drummer, and Joseph Baltzell, the base guitarist — and one from Parrish’s band — Matt Eakins, a pedal steel guitar player — Flintlock Annie was born.

Baltzell has played with both Parrish and Verneau throughout the years.

Bringing their musical performance to the City of Moultrie as a whole on Second Saturday will be an exciting adventure as this is their biggest performance as a band so far.

Parrish, the city’s former planning and community development director, is excited to see some old faces too.

“I’ve been in Moultrie pushing 20 years,” he said. “Since I used to work for the City of Moultrie, I know a lot of people there. I’m just excited to see some old familiar faces and maybe get air hugs six feet apart from old friends.”

Flintlock Annie is ready to get on stage and show off their new project.

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