Lynn Purvis

Colquitt County Clerk of Superior Court Lynn Purvis.

MOULTRIE, Ga. — Colquitt County Clerk of Superior Court Lynn Purvis was hit by a truck midday Friday, Nov. 15, leaving her severely injured. Five days later, doctors are pleased with her recovery, her son Josh Purvis said.

Lynn Purvis remains in the intensive care unit at Archbold Medical Center in Thomasville. She was found to have multiple brain bleeds, swelling, “several” rib fractures, “numerous” facial fractures to the orbital and nose bones, and a skull fracture, her son said.

None of the injuries required surgery, but Josh Purvis said there’s still more for the doctors to look at.

“We are waiting for her to come around to see what damages occurred as a result of the trauma to the brain,” he said.

Lynn Purvis was hit shortly after 11:30 a.m. Friday by a truck driven by Moultrie resident Yordanis Blanco Vincent. Both had the green light when Vincent turned left onto First Avenue, hitting Purvis as she walked across the street from the courthouse to the Moultrie Pawn Shop.

The accident knocked her 20 feet backwards and she was life-flighted to Archbold as a result. Josh Purvis said the doctors aren’t sure how long a full recovery may take.

“We could see improvements in the next few days, but they mentioned it could take 6 months to year or even longer,” he said. “Every case is so different.”

Her doctors are pleased with her progress since the accident and “have no reason to think her quick recovery trend will stop,” Josh said.

The family thanks the Moultrie-Colquitt County community for its support, thoughts and prayers.

“Mama would be overwhelmed if she could see the amount of support from our great community,” Josh Purvis said. “We are certainly blessed to be able to live life together with an exceptionally caring community.”

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