For Sept. 20

Q. How long do you think a war against terrorism would last?

A. I hope it will not be long and drawn out. But, it will probably be two years or more. -- Pulse Line.

A. I don't think we can think in terms of an end to this war. I think terrorists will always be among us and we will have to battle them from now on. -- Pulse Line.

A. The battle against terrorism is going to be proportionate to how many nations help us in this fight. As Zell Miller has suggested, if we hit the viper's nest with a power and determination equivalent to the rage that was dealt upon us, then some of these terrorists could likely lose their enthusiasm for their cause. -- Pulse Line.

A. I think we'll see a war of five years or more. -- Pulse Line.

A. I don't know how we can tell. This is described as a "shadow war." It could be a very long time. -- Pulse Line.

A. Whatever the time, I just hope we go into this with the determination to actually win. Not like Vietnam. Not like the Gulf War. I'm talking about a victory that leaves no room for interpretation. -- Pulse Line.

A. Given that bin Laden's money is financing most of this, as soon as he can be neutralized, then a chunk of terrorism will have been stopped. God help us that this be done in short order. -- Pulse Line.

A. I know this may sound cruel, but I don't want to see this bin Laden captured. That would require a trial and more millions of dollars spent. To put it bluntly, I want him to be a casualty of this war and to let God decide what to do with him. In that regard, I hope this war does not last as long as some people are guessing it might. -- Pulse Line.

Q. Do you think the tragedies of New York and Washington, D.C., will cause us to put aside bigotry and racism?

A. If this tragedy does not cause us to put aside bigotry and racism, then nothing will. We see clearly here what hatreds can do. We must learn from this tragedy. -- Pulse Line.

A. I certainly pray that we can see how much we need each other and pettiness will be put aside. -- Pulse Line.

A. All of this is up to the individual. I'm certain that many will develop new attitudes because of this tragedy. There are some who, however, will refuse enlightenment, which is yet another tragedy. -- Pulse Line.

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