Q. Do you think Veterans Day would be a good time to hold presidential elections?

A. Yes. I think this would be an honor to veterans and indeed it would tie together the sacrifices they made with the right to vote. -- Pulse Line

A. No. Veterans Day is a special day for veterans. I don't think holding elections on that day would do anything to get more people to vote. I think if you really want to vote, you'll vote whenever that day comes. -- Pulse Line.

A. I have no problem with this idea but you're going to see a lot of posturing about who will benefit most and obviously there will be strategies launched to counter the proposal for those who feel their party would not be the best represented. It is estimated by some of the experts that the Democrats would get a better turnout on a holiday. -- Pulse Line.

A. I'm a veteran and I think only veterans should get off on Veteran's Day. I don't think electing the president on Veteran's Day is a good idea anymore. We don't like to be reminded that you have to be a draft dodger to get elected president in this day and age. -- Pulse Line.

Q. Do you think that the landing of Farmland Beef is a positive turning of the industrial efforts here? -- Pulse Line.

A. Whether it's a turning or not, I don't know. But I sure am glad we got this new business and we hope for more. We need those jobs for our local economy. -- Pulse Line.

A. I think getting Farmland Beef here will "prime the pump" so to speak. We know that attracting good jobs is quite a task. Much of our failure in this regard has been our own fault because we have not put into place those things that need to be in place. Meanwhile, other communities have done that and we have only watched. Meanwhile, many thanks to those were were instrumental in getting Farmland to come here. -- Pulse Line.

A. This is the first major new industry we've had come here in a long time. I'm glad they are here but I don't know that getting them here is an indication that our industrial efforts are about to take off. -- Pulse Line.

Q. Do you think that school councils (parents) can make a big difference in the quality of education in Colquitt County Schools. -- Pulse Line.

A. Yes. Parental involvement in public education is a key to our success. These councils can lead to a better understanding of the issues that face our schools and they can help educate their neighbors on just what the teachers and administrators are up against. It's all about communication. -- Pulse Line.

A. I think these councils are definitely a positive. Too often we hear teachers talk about the lack of involvement of the community in their schools. Here's a chance to better that situation. -- Pulse Line.

A. This all hinges on just how serious these councils take their roles. -- Pulse Line.

A. The councils are a good thing. We need more parental involvement in our schools. Unfortunately, some students do not come from those situations where parental involvement is going to happen. Maybe these councils will recognize this and help improve that situation. -- Pulse Line.

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