THOMASVILLE -- A man Thomasville police have been looking for since late March is where they want him.

Ezekiel Dukes is in the Thomas County Jail awaiting arraignment on a number of charges brought by Thomasville Police and Thomas County Sheriff's departments and the Thomas County-Thomasville Narcotics-Vice Division.

The 44-year-old suspect led lawmen from five jurisdictions on a Tuesday high-speed chase that began in Boston and ended about 35 minutes later in downtown Moultrie.

Police charged Dukes with first-degree forgery, burglary and theft by taking motor vehicle.

Sheriff's investigators charged him with burglary and felony obstruction of officer.

The suspect is charged by the narcotics-vice division with cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

The saga began for police on March 28, when a minivan was stolen from an East Jackson Street used-car lot. The business also was burglarized.

Police investigators developed information that showed Dukes, of 240 Donna Lane, took the van.

"He was seen driving it in Thomasville," said Capt. Troy Rich, commander of the Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division.

Other burglaries and forgeries began to occur citywide. Police detectives did not have enough evidence to charge Dukes with the burglaries, but they learned he was selling items taken in the incidents.

"He also had pawned some things," said detective James Coker.

"He was using fake identification when he pawned property," Rich added.

Officers said Dukes portrayed himself as a youth pastor to obtain a $5 donation from a Cairo woman.

The suspect altered the amount of the check to $50. He was caught on video cashing the check at a Thomasville grocery store, officers explained.

Midafternoon Tuesday, police learned Dukes was living at a residence just outside Boston.

Police detectives and sheriff's investigators went to the house. "Mr. Dukes was not there, nor was the stolen van," Rich said.

Boston police were asked to be on the lookout for Dukes and the minivan.

"Within minutes, Boston police encountered Dukes in the stolen van and initiated the chase that turned into a pursuit and ended in Moultrie," Rich explained.

Dukes is a suspect in other burglaries under investigation by police.

The sheriff's department burglary charge stems from a burglary last week at a U.S. 19 South mobile home sales lot. Checks were taken after an office window was broken to gain entry.

"When he was arrested, Mr. Dukes had some of the checks in his possession," said Pascal Autrey, supervisor of the sheriff's department criminal investigations division. "We were already looking for him, trying to help the city locate him."

The felony obstruction charge results from Dukes striking a Boston police officer, who recovered quickly and participated in the chase.

In a body search of Dukes during the Moultrie capture, lawmen found a black plastic bag in one of the suspect's pockets. The bag contained six to eight pieces of crack cocaine.

"We had been getting information that he had been using a lot of crack cocaine," said Kevin Lee, narcotics-vice division supervisor.

Rich lauded Boston police for their assistance in Dukes' apprehension.

"We've been looking for him for a week and a half," the commander said.

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