MOULTRIE -- On the final day of qualifying for county elections, a new face appeared in the school board race.

Real estate auctioneer Tim Henry, 38, qualified as a Republican to run against long-time board member Rick Moss, also a Republican, for District 5. This is Henry's first attempt for an elected position.

"The people in my community have indicated that they want some change, and I have two children in school and I want to see some differences done," he said.

Henry wants policy changes for smaller schools such as Doerun, Funston, Okapilco and Hamilton. As a board member, he would want to be visible to schools and touch base with them on a daily basis, he said. Other concerns of the candidate are illegal drugs on campus and "some actions" of the administration. Henry declined to be specific during an interview.

"I'm just willing to listen to the people of the community when they have ideas, need and desires for the children of this school system -- listen to them, work with them and if something is feasible for our county and our schools that will help the educational process, I think it needs to be looked into," he said.

Henry's two children are in high school and are heavily involved in sports. As a member of the athletic booster club, he's seen the work it takes to enrich children's lives. The booster club raises about 90 percent of the funds that go into the athletic program, he said.

He withheld his judgment on block scheduling, but he does think that extracurricular activities, though they take extra time, are still a good part of the educational process that produces well-rounded citizens, he said.

"My hat has to be off to the athletes, choir members, JROTC -- I don't care who it is, if you do extracurricular activities, it's not all done during school hours. ... Whether you're in the arts or into sports, those hours are spent on afternoons and Saturdays that a lot of people don't know about," he said.

Henry wants to know more about the benefits and detriments of block scheduling than the information he's received from the school system thus far.

"As a parent that has asked about block scheduling, I don't think it has been researched enough for anybody to give an answer, and nobody can give an answer yet. If you talk to the administration or the school board, the pat answer has been we have more research to do. I think that's all any of the general public knows," he said. "How can you get a system to work when nobody can explain the system to you? I think it is something that really needs to be researched on a smaller level than just the high school."

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