Top 10 Seniors

The Top 10 Seniors of the Class of 2015 are, from left, Courtney Terrell, Heather Globerman, Kelsey Dickerson, Allison Fagan, Diana Durham, Kristina Scott, Cory Glow, Hudson May, Garrett May and Steven Schroeder.

Editor’s Note: Colquitt County High School announced the awarding of the following scholarships at its Seniors Honors Night May 7.

1. The Class of 1988 left a scholarship fund to provide for future classes. The winner must be an honor graduate who has held at least two club offices. The Moultrie Civitan Club scholarship iss presented to a senior that has participated in extracurricular activities and maintained excellent grades. The recipient of this combined scholarship is Kelsey Dickerson.

2. Colquitt County Association of Educators gives a scholarship to a senior who plans to have a career in education and whose parent was a member of the Georgia Association of Educators: Nakia Johnson and Bailey Faison.

3. Colquitt County Retired Educators’ Association presents scholarships to deserving students who have expressed a desire to become classroom teachers. Two memorial scholarships are presented, the Sarah Mashburn Memorial Scholarship to Samantha Wynn, and the Ernest Weeks Memorial Scholarship to Madison Robinson.

4. The Dr. F. Lamar Demott Memorial Scholarship fund was established by friends and colleagues of one of Colquitt County’s most beloved and outstanding educators. The award goes to a student nominated from either the visual or performing arts program. The award was presented to Elizabeth Woods.

5. The Funston Elementary School Scholarship was given to the former student of the school who was an honor student and has earned the highest grade point average. The award was presented to Reese Womack.

 6. Charlie A. Gray Junior High School presents a scholarship to a graduating senior who excelled academically and demonstrated outstanding character throughout his/her high school career: Cory Glow.

7. The Jim Buck Goff Memorial Scholarship was given by friends of the longtime director of the Moultrie Recreation Department to an athlete who displays excellence, leadership, and character: Sean Passmore.

8. Kay Holloway would like to present a scholarship in memory of her daughter, Katelyn Renee Holloway, to a former J.M. Odom Elementary student that has displayed academic excellence during his/her high school career. This was a very special year for this presentation as Katelyn was a member of this graduating class. As a tribute to Katelyn and her classmates, Holloway presented four awards this year. Recipients of the Katelyn Renee Holloway Memorial Scholarships are: Garrett May, Hudson May, Kerri Owens and Mayra Ramirez-Rubio.

8a. Katelynn’s church family also wanted to make a contribution in her memory. Monetary awards are given to former Odom classmates who completed a local scholarship application showing interest in furthering their education: Rachel Bostick, Rosemary Cooper, Yasmin Doroteo, Bailey Faison, Alexandra Gibbs, Bria Grier, Garrett May, Hudson May, Kallie McGee, Matthew Merritt, Miranda Merritt, Kerri Owens, Mayra Ramirez-Rubio, Danyela Salas, Maribel Sepulveda and Lucy Uriostigue.

9. The McKee Memorial Scholarship was given to a senior who was interested in pursuing a medical career: Brianna Stone.

10. The Regina Pope Weeks Memorial Scholarship was presented to honor her dedication to teaching. Regina Pope Weeks graduated from Colquitt County High School in 1980. She then became a teacher at Funston Elementary School where she taught for more than 21 years. Though battling cancer, she stayed a dedicated teacher, wife, and mother, always putting others before herself. In order to continue her love of helping others, Mrs. Weeks’ family has set up an annual scholarship to ensure her love and dedication to teaching never dies. Ricky Weeks and son Ben made the presentation to Kristina Scott.

10a. Mr. Weeks and his family also recognized a former Funston Elementary student in memory of Mrs. Weeks: Brady Jarvis.

11. The Scholars on the Rise Scholarship is given to a graduating senior who has excelled academically, has good leadership skills, is of good character, and plans to attend college: Alaura Moore.

12. The Moultrie Housing Authority presents a scholarship to a deserving resident with good grades: Alaura Moore.

13. The James Ray “Rocky” Jones Foundation was established in 2009 to assist young adults in their academic and athletic pursuits. The 2015 Rocky’s Foundation Scholarship went to: Diana Durham.

14. The Norman Park Elementary Scholarship goes to the senior with the highest grade point average who attended Norman Park Elementary School and completed a local scholarship application at CCHS: Savana Chapman.

15. The Odom Scholarships are given each year in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mack Odom.

15a. The Ellen Payne Odom Scholarship goes to a student who excels in foreign language: Janice Kayse.

15b. The Jim Mack Odom Award for Excellence was given to a student who will pursue a career in education: Samantha Phillips.

16. Okapilco Elementary School and the Okapilco Junior Beta Club established a scholarship to honor the Colquitt County High School graduating senior with the highest GPA who was formerly a member of the Okapilco Junior Beta Club, attended Okapilco at least three years, and who has made continuing educational plans: Diana Durham.

17. Willie J. Williams Middle School SGA presents an award to three seniors who were past officers of Williams Middle School. These three boys have continued the SGA motto of “pursuing excellence” as they have traveled through high school: Garrett May, Ryan Littleton and Davis Howell.

17a. The Junior Key Builders Club at Willie J. Williams School presents awards to two outstanding students who continued in Key Club but also who have pursued excellence from Williams Middle School all the way through CCHS: Makenzy Willis and Fielding Thomas.

18. The Leon Pippin Scholarship was given to a member of the CCHS football team who has good character and is capable of completing a college education: Alex Williams.

19. The Moultrie-Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce truly depicts their motto of Living History, Growing Future. The Agricultural and Rural Services Committee presented a scholarship to a student who plans to major in an agriculturally related field: Lea Barrow.

20. The Sunset Elementary Scholarship was established in 1998 in honor of former principal, Jimmy N. Taylor. It is awarded to a Colquitt County High senior who attended Sunset Elementary from grades K through fifth, has been involved in various school and community activities, has been accepted to a college or technical institution, and has maintained a GPA of 3.0 or better: Courtney Terrell.

21. The Hinton Reeves Memorial Scholarship was given to a senior who has demonstrated a strong desire genuinely to serve others, to assume leadership roles not for the sake of titles but to make a real difference in the lives of their schoolmates and fellow church members or Colquitt County citizens. The recipient was Makenzy Willis.

22. The Vereen Memorial Scholarships are provided through Riverside Manufacturing Co. and the Vereen Family. The scholarships are given to students on the basis of academic performance, test scores, and financial need, with preference given to dependents of Riverside employees.  

22a. The W. J. Vereen Memorial Scholarship went to Abigail Cooper.

22b. The W. C. “Bud” Vereen Memorial Scholarship goes to Shea Russell.

 23. The R.B. Wright Elementary Scholarship was offered to the former student of R.B. Wright who has the highest grade point average: Allison Fagan.

24. DOCO Credit Union presented a scholarship to a member who has met the criteria for this award which includes academic achievement and a well-rounded blend of extra-curricular activities: Courtney Terrell.

25. The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) honors the following FBLA member for his excellence in academic achievement with a monetary scholarship: Richard Brito.

26. The Debra H. Boyd Scholarship is given to a senior that has demonstrated leadership abilities in the Family and Consumer Sciences: Madison Robinson.

27. Each year the Student Government Association of Hamilton Elementary School presents the Trell Coleman Memorial Scholarship to a former student of Hamilton. The student must exhibit outstanding academic and citizenship qualities. The scholarship was funded jointly by the Coleman family, Hamilton PTO and the Hamilton Student Government Association. This scholarship was presented to Grayson Perryman.

28. The Moultrie Federated Guild presents a scholarship to a senior with excellent academic qualities and school attendance. He or she must have a history of community service and extra-curricular activities. The award went to Tucker Prestridge.

29. Many educators in the local school system are members of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, PAGE. The local PAGE organization offers a scholarship to a senior with excellent academic standing and a parent who was a member of PAGE: Courtney Terrell.

30. Doerun Elementary School awards a scholarship each year in memory of Verna Hollingsworth who was the principal of Doerun Elementary from 1979 to 1990. This year’s award went to Edith Gonzalez.

31. Stringfellow Elementary School gives a scholarship to a graduate that has excelled academically and participated in extra-curricular activities: My’Ashia Daniels.

32. This scholarship was being awarded in honor and memory of the late Becky Bevacqua. Ms. Bevacqua was a woman who found joy and passion in teaching and learning and continued to do both throughout her life. This scholarship was awarded to a student who has shown academic excellence through their membership in the National Honor Society and Advanced Placement courses, as well as a strong interest in higher learning and high quality education-all of which were so important to Ms. Bevacqua. The award went to Courtney Terrell.

33. The Moultrie Junior Woman’s Club presents scholarships to students based on grades, teacher recommendations and extra-curricular achievement. This year’s scholarship went to Heather Globerman.

34. The Knuck McCrary Scholarship was given in honor of the longtime coach of the Packers to a student based on grades, teacher recommendations and extra-curricular achievement: Ryan Littleton.

35. The Kiwanis Club presented three scholarships to deserving seniors.

35a. The Elsie Creech Memorial Scholarship was given to a student that has demonstrated ability to do college work and participated in extracurricular activities: Hudson May.

The William B. Withers Memorial Scholarship was presented to a student that has proven to be an outstanding leader: Shelby McCoy.

The Neta Belle Scarbrough Memorial Scholarship was presented to a student that has achieved good grades and test scores and also participated in extracurricular activities: Garrett May.

36. The Moultrie Rotary Club offers a four-year scholarship to a senior with outstanding grades and communications skills: Ryan Wallace.

37. Odom Elementary School gives a scholarship to an honor graduate that has excelled academically and participated in extra-curricular activities: Garrett May.

38. The Lampman Memorial Scholarship was awarded to a senior who best exemplifies the spirit of Ron Lampman, encouraging their fellow students, involving themselves passionately in activities that help others and greeting all that they encounter with a sincere and genuine interest and well being. Presenting this scholarship was Alex Lampman. The recipient was Shelby McCoy.

39. The Moultrie High School Class of 1955 gave scholarships to two seniors who have excelled academically and plan to continue their education: Shelby McCoy and Colby Attebury.

40. The Sha Byrd Soccer Scholarship was given to honor the life of Sha Wetherington, a former member of the lady Packer Soccer team. Sha was a second-team all-region player as a sophomore and a first-team all- region her junior and senior years. She was voted team captain her senior year. The scholarship was given by the Wetherington family and Sha Missions, a non-profit organization dedicated to continue Sha’s special gift of sharing hope around. The scholarship went to Diana Durham and Kristina Scott.

41. The Tempo Club of Colquitt County presents a scholarship each year to deserving music student at Colquitt County High School: Lyman Hinson.

42. The Rena Hamby Scholarship was awarded to a senior who has shown the greatest fascination with and demonstrated the most passion for the study of mathematics. The level of advanced study achieved by the recipient was secondary to the enthusiasm and connection shown by the student throughout their course of study. The award was presented to Lyman Hinson.

43. The Marc Bell Memorial Scholarship was given in memory of Mr. Marc Bell who served as principal of R. B. Wright Elementary School from 2001 through 2015. This was a one-time scholarship offered to 2015 graduating seniors who attended R. B. Wright from Pre-K through 5th grade under Mr. Bell’s watch as principal. These students were also required to write an essay with one of the following titles: “Memories of R. B. Wright and Mr. Bell,” “The Difference Mr. Bell and R.B. Wright made in Me” or “The Lasting Legacy of Mr. Marc Bell.” The awards were presented to Camille Kirkland and Ryan Wallace.

44. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College presented two scholarships to seniors who will be attending ABAC in the fall: Hudson May and Garrett May.

45. The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America actively promotes our national heritage through historic preservation, patriotic service, and educational projects. On behalf of this organization, Judy Mobley awarded a scholarship to Andrea Gaines.

46. The World Languages Scholarship was given to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence in a world language and has reached advanced level of proficiency in that language: Janice Kayse.

 47. Cox Elementary Scholarship goes to the senior with the highest grade point average who attended Cox Elementary School: Alaura Moore.

48. The Colquitt County Teachers Federal Credit Union presented scholarships to two children of credit union members who met the scholarship eligibility criteria. These students demonstrated strong academic achievement, were involved in extracurricular activities and community service, and submitted essays regarding their career aspirations. The scholarships went to Joshua Key and Olivia Zeigler.

49. Mike Adams and the Maddog Racing Team offer a scholarship to a graduating senior who has excelled in one of the Trade & Industry programs offered at CCHS and will be attending a trade school: Brayan Castro.

50. Colquitt Regional Medical Center awards scholarships based on the number of hours volunteered through YoVo, Colquitt Regional’s Youth Volunteer Program. This year three Colquitt County seniors have volunteered at least 125 hours each and will be receiving $250 and a bronze medal for their accomplishment: Joshua Key, Courtney Terrell and Samantha Wynn.

51. Tony Dues, the high school student representative from Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville, Fla., presented one quarter tuition scholarships to the following students for winning third place at the Skills USA Leadership and Skills Conference in the State Welding Fabrication Contest: Brayan Castro, Kenny Crosby, Jose Dominguez and Alek Lewis.

Welding students that participated in the Tulsa Welding School/ Colquitt County High School welding competition also receive a minimum tuition scholarship in the amount of $250: Brayan Castro, Alex Cruz, Kenny Crosby, Jose Dominguez, Reggie Lane, Jose Tepetate, Toddrick Davis, Brian Castillo and Sevin Rogers.

In addition to these honors, the CCHS welding team competed and won First Place in the Florida Georgia Welding Cup at Tulsa Welding School held two weeks ago. Dues presented a trophy to these team members: Jose Dominguez, Jose Tepetate, Kenny Crosby, Alex Cruz and Brayan Castro.

52. Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Jeter donate scholarships in memory of their daughter, Kate Jeter, a former student of Colquitt County High School. The recipients excel academically, athletically and serve in community activities. Renee Tucker presented these scholarships to: Allison Fagan, Heather Globerman, Kristina Scott and Courtney Terrell.

53. The Rev. J. E. Moak was the chaplain for many years at Colquitt Regional Medical Center. Colquitt Regional Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary honored Moak’s memoryby presenting scholarships to students with a grade point average of at least 3.2 who have applied for college and are pursuing a career in the field of medicine: Hanna Marie Troutman and Joshua Jerome Key.

54. Over the past few years, Colquitt County has lived out a tragic, well-known statistic: vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death among teenagers. In response State Farm Insurance sponsors Celebrate My Drive, a competition between high schools that encourages safe-driving habits. Led by Key Club and Peer Leadership, Colquitt County High School won a $25,000 grant from State Farm this past year, $10,000 of which were awarded to nine students on the basis of their written or visual responses to three different topics related to safe driving and the dangers of distracted driving.

Key Club advisor Ben Pitchford presented $1,000 Celebrate My Drive scholarships to the following eight students: Katie Croft, Karson Demott, Bailey Faison, Carmen Miranda, Alaura Moore, Maribel Sepulveda, Courtney Terrell and Olivia Zeigler.

The $2,000 Celebrate My Drive scholarship winner was Heather Globerman.

55. The Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals presents a scholarship to an outstanding senior who was a child of a GASSP member. This scholarship was based on academic, school, and community involvement. Lifetouch sponsors the GASSP scholarship. Lynn Petrusko, representing Lifetouch, presented the award to Courtney Terrell.

56. The Dr. Samuel A. DePaul Educators Scholarship was awarded to a senior who has a minimum GPA of 3.0, has demonstrated outstanding character throughout high school, submitted the required essay, and intends to pursue a career in the educational field: Samantha Wynn.

57. The Megan DePaul Nursing Scholarship was presented to a graduating senior who intends to pursue a career as a nurse. Eligibility for this scholarship includes a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstration of outstanding character throughout high school. Dr. Sam DePaul presented this scholarship to Grayson Perryman.

58. The Principal's Leadership Award was given to seniors who have shown outstanding leadership in and out of the classroom: Garrett May, Karson DeMott and Nakia Johnson.

59. The Principal’s Achievement Award was given to seniors who have shown exemplary achievement in the classroom and have demonstrated the traits of strong character, integrity and a tremendous work ethic: Courtney Terrell and Allison Fagan.

60. The Ultimate Packer Award was given to a senior that embodies the true “Packer” spirit in and out of the classroom: Kristina Scott.

61. One graduating senior from the class of 2015 maintained perfect attendance from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Principal Stephanie Terrell presented the Perfect Attendance Award for 2015 to Garrett Moore.

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