Departmental Awards

Foreign Language

10th grade Outstanding Spanish I student: Austin Singletary

11th grade Outstanding Spanish I student: Jameka Weeks

10th grade Outstanding Spanish II student: Ryan Nowland

11th grade Outstanding Spanish II students: Billie Mills & Symphony Ragland   

10th grade Outstanding Spanish III students: Erin Smith & Gabriella Lirio

11th grade Outstanding Spanish III students: Catalina Arnett & Michelle Zhang

11th grade Outstanding Spanish IV students: Danielle Collum & Paige Glover

10th grade Outstanding Spanish V student: Jennifer Perez

11th grade Outstanding Spanish V student: Isaac Soto

11th grade Outstanding Spanish VI student: Kristi Guerrero

Outstanding Advanced Placement Spanish Language & Culture Student: Lyle Tostenson

10th grade Outstanding Sign Language Student: Yadianis Alba

11th grade Outstanding Latin I students: Chloe Smith & Lyle Tostenson

10th grade Outstanding ESOL students: Adina Regis and Yvline Regis

11th grade Outstanding ESOL student: Jazlin Martinez

The American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League Certificates of Honorable Merit: Cum Laude, Trenton Walker, Chloe Smith and Cassandra Taylor; Summa Cum Laude, Alex Sparks; Magna Cum Laude, Katera Powell and Phillip Henry; and Maxima Cum Laude, Lyle Totenson.

Excellence in Foreign Language Award: 10th grade, Yadianis Alba; and 11th grade, Lyle Tostenson.


Language Arts Department

Excellence in College Prep World Literature & Composition, 10th grade: Yadianis Alba, Cole Demott and Amber Moore; and 11th grade: Yovani Carranza, Noemi Charles, Samantha Hancock, Brittany Mixon and Martin Munoz.

Excellence in Honors World Literature & Composition Award, 10th grade: Yanah Hargrove, Vanae Hatcher, Shelby Parrish and Rebekah Rutledge; and 11th grade, Michelle Zhang.

Excellence in Advanced Placement English Language & Composition: Delilah Wood and William Hall.

Excellence in College Composition: Madison Penney.

Georgia Young Author: sophomore winner Elizabeth Bair and junior winner Billie Mills.

The Yale Book Award is designed to recognize outstanding juniors in secondary schools across the country. The award is presented by the Yale Club of Southwest Georgia to a junior who exhibits “outstanding personal character and intellectual promise”: Seth Wright.


Outstanding Math Students, 10th grade: Sarahi Rodriquez-Corona, Courtney Rogers, Dalynn Dell, Esai Solis, Faith Hall, Maricela Najar-Sanchez and Vanae Hatcher.

The 11th grade Outstanding Math recipients are: Camia Slade, Deion Mapp, Roselbia Carranza and Ashlin Campbell.

Most Outstanding Math Students, 10th grade: Taylor Kight and Gabriella Lirio.

The 11th grade Most Outstanding Math Awards: Seth Wright and Gamaliel Martinez.


Outstanding Physical Science student: Savannah Clayton

Outstanding Chemistry student: Daniel Contreras-Gallardo

Outstanding Honors Chemistry student: Evelyn Fagan

Outstanding Environmental Science student: Andrew Newton

Outstanding Honors Physics Student: Seth Wright

Social Studies

United States History Achievement Award: TyKerious Jones, Buck Blalock, Kevin Ramirez and Erin Smith.

Civics and Economics Achievement Award: Princess Williams, Tamizah Mathis and Seth Wright.

Psychology Award: Abigail Mincey

Sociology Award: Hannah Thompson

ABAC History Award: Madison Penney

Fine Arts

The Outstanding Fundamentals of Drama student award: Genesis Nobles.

The Outstanding Advanced Drama I student award: Summer Ricks

Career/Technology & Agricultural Education

Outstanding Ag Mechanics I Student: Dykes Hurst

Outstanding Ag Mechanics II Students: Karston Spradley and Caleb Squires

Outstanding Horticulture Students: 10th grade, Trinity Summerlin; and 11th grade, Trey Daniels

Outstanding Animal Science Students: 10th grade, Edwin Espindola; and 11th grade, Elizabeth Beacham

Outstanding Forestry Science Students: 10th grade, Nathan Stone; and 11th grade, Gabe Parker

Outstanding FBLA Students: 10th grade, Hunter Meech; and 11th grade, Seth Wright

Outstanding Early Childhood Education I Students: 10th grade, Jennifer Barajas Rangel; and 11th grade: Christy Crosby.

Outstanding Early Childhood Education II Students: 10th grade, Emilee Chastain; and 11th grade, Olivia Griffin.

Outstanding Early Childhood Education III Student: Nova Renteria.

Outstanding Food Nutrition & Wellness Students: 10th grade, Madison Chapman; and 11th grade, Shiana Corley.

Outstanding Food for Life Students: 10th Grade, Taylor Kight; and 11th grade, Yasmin Moctezuma.

Outstanding Food Science Student: Deion Mapp

Outstanding Introduction to Healthcare Student: Gamaliel Martinez

Outstanding Construction Students: 10th grade, Derrick Sprayberry; and 11th grade, Austin Craven.

Outstanding Transportation Students: 10th grade, Scott Passmore; and 11th grade, Jonathan Jenkins.

Outstanding Broadcast/Video Production Students: 10th grade, Johntravious Taylor; and 11th grade, Telvis Jackson

Outstanding ROTC students: 10th grade, Amber Moore; and 11th grade, Holly Cooper.

Outstanding Work-based Learning Student: Daisy Perales

Most Outstanding Construction Student Award: Josh Shaw.   

Early Childhood Education Student Award: Nova Renteria

Top Ten Sophomores

William Barber

Buck Blalock

Evelyn Fagan

Gabriella Lirio

Annie Murphy

Shelby Parrish

Rebekah Rutledge

Erin Smith

Hayden Suggs

Savonte Wilson

Georgia Certificates of Merit

Catalina Arnett

Elizabeth Beacham

Danielle Collum

Holly Cooper

Morgan Croft

Angel Davis

Anna Davis

Jordan Forehand

Selyna Gant

Kimberely Glover

Joseph Gould

William Hall

Austin Itson

Gamaliel Martinez

Billie Mills

Abigail Mincey

Madison Penney

Daisy Perales

Chase Perry

Lance Shealy

Alex Sparks

Lyle Tostenson

Gracyn Whitaker

Delilah Wood

Seth Wright

George Zeanah

Michelle Zhang

Top Ten Juniors

Catalina Arnett

Elizabeth Beacham

William Hall

Gamaliel Martinez

Billie Mills

Madison Penney

Alex Sparks

Delilah Wood

Seth Wright

Michelle Zhang

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