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A new initiative at Colquitt Regional Medical Center aims at eliminating paper. Hospital Authority members and management staff have recently been issued iPads, one more step toward an all electronic environment. Madis Spires, center, vice president of Patient Services, uses her iPad while meeting with Dena Zinker, left, MSN, RN, assistant vice president of nursing, and Heather Hightower, RN, ICU director.

Colquitt Regional Medical Center is going green.

Starting with the Hospital Authority board member and administrative team, Colquitt Regional is beginning an initiative to save paper and move into an all-digital business environment.

Instead of notebooks, pencils and papers, employees and board members will bring iPads to meetings to take notes, disseminate information and follow meeting agendas. The hospital is issuing iPads to the administrative staff and board this month.

A new board member portal will also be added to the hospital’s website. Board members will be able to access information on their own private, password protected portals. The portal will include information ranging from calendars to news relating to healthcare to the monthly Hospital Authority agendas and minutes.

“There is a lot of technology out there that we can utilize in our business,” Jim Matney, President and CEO of Colquitt Regional, said. “We want to move ahead and utilize that technology to make us more efficient and environmentally friendly.”

Matney said many of the hospital’s computers are accessible through iPads and an increasing number of healthcare professionals are utilizing the newer technology.

“Currently we have physicians and other healthcare workers using this technology to review patient records, order medications and other necessary patient information,” he said. “Our goal is to eventually go paperless throughout the entire    hospital. By going paperless, patient access to their medical records will improve and physicians will be able to access patients’ records instantaneously once they leave the hospital.”

Matney said that decreasing the time it takes to get patient information in the hands of physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers will enable them to make quicker decisions and perhaps save lives.

“We’ll also be saving trees and the environment,” he said. “We’re proud to be on the cutting edge of technology at Colquitt Regional Medical Center and this is just one indication that care here is the best available anywhere.”

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