MOULTRIE — A shotgun-wielding intruder threatened a family on Sunday night in the same weekend two men were beaten with a pistol and baseball bat in a second home invasion.

At the Hawthorne Drive home of Steven Shane Gaines, officers found a hole in a wall from where the shotgun fired as Gaines struggled with one of the two robbers, but the family was otherwise unhurt. The residents where the second assault occurred were not so lucky.

The shotgun, loaded with bird shot, struck a bathroom wall, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office Inv. Mike Murfin said.

“Thankfully there was no one hurt,” he said.

Gaines told police that the two males forced him, wife Chasity Gaines and their son Clayton Stanford into a back bedroom in the 200 block of Hawthorne Drive.

A witness, who also had encountered the robbers there, directed law enforcement to the address shortly after 11:45 p.m.

Gaines said that once they were in the bedroom the intruder holding the shotgun demanded money and said he would kill them if they did not hand it over. They got into a struggle over the weapon, during which it fired and caused the intruder to drop it.

After that he yelled for his companion to pick up the shotgun, which he did and handed it back to him. Now holding the gun again, he took about $250 from Gaines’ pocket and then they left.

The witness, Victor Trejo-Gutierrez, told police that as he arrived to visit Clayton Stafford the two robbers confronted him and ordered him to go into the residence. Stafford hit one of the assailants, allowing Trejo-Gutierrez to escape and run away.

On Friday, Kenneth Osborne and Mike Edwards were watching television at about 11:40 when two males entered through the unlocked front door of their residence in the 200 block of Indian Lake Drive.One was armed with what appeared to be a small semiautomatic pistol and the other had an aluminum baseball bat, they told police, and once inside demanded money. When Edwards said he didn’t have any money one of the intruders hit him in the mouth with the pistol, and as Osborne tried to sit up the other intruder hit him several times in the head and body with the bat.

The assailant with the bat grabbed a purple container next to Osborne and they ran from the residence, closing the door behind them, police said. Osborne’s wallet, which was inside the container, had about $390 in cash along with a credit card and identification. The container also held his prescription medications.

Both Edwards and Osborne refused medical treatment, police said.

They described the robber with the gun as a white male about 6 feet tall and weighing about 135 pounds wearing a red ski-type mask, blue jeans and a blue shirt with yellow stripes. His companion was a black male about 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighing around 130 pounds. He had on a black mask, black shirt and pants, and may have had some type of makeup on underneath the mask.

The robbers at the Gaines’ residence were described as black males, both of whom were about 6 feet tall.

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