MOULTRIE — A woman in Iowa told Moultrie police Monday that her 16-year-old daughter had been in contact with a man in Moultrie through an Internet teen chat room and may be making plans to come meet him.

India Lacolte, of Marion, Iowa, spoke with a Moultrie police officer by phone about the incident about 9:30 p.m. Monday. She told the officer her 16-year-old daughter and a person named “Demetrie” had been chatting online through the Web site

Police reports said Lacolte believes the 16-year-old girl and “Demetrie” had been in contact with each other since before Dec. 25. Lacolte had not been able to get the last name of “Demetrie,” but she did know he was a black male and seemed to be older than her daughter.

The 16-year-old and “Demetrie” had also been in contact by phone, and reports said Lacolte was able to get the number her daughter had called to speak with him. The phone number had a Moultrie area code, so Lacolte contacted the Moultrie Police Department, fearing that “Demetrie” may be a sexual predator preying on young children and teens. She provided the phone number to the officer, who was able to obtain the name of an 18-year-old male suspect.

The 16-year-old girl had also expressed her intention to come to Moultrie to meet “Demetrie,” reports said. He had encouraged the girl to come to Moultrie, and several other people claiming to be friends or family of “Demetrie” had also encouraged her to come.

Reports said the officer turned the case over to the department’s criminal investigations division.


• Debra Denise King, 36, of 621 Fourth Ave. S.W., was charged Monday with giving a false name to an officer, resisting arrest and parole violation.

• Freddie Lee Hall, 56, of 403 Third Ave. N.W., was charged Sunday with theft of services and probation violation.

• Travis Bernard Lowery Jr., 17, of 1008 Highland Blvd., was charged Saturday with failure to stop at an accident with damage.

• Deborah Oneal, 45, of 2105 Sam Sells Road in Doerun, was charged Saturday with DUI, an open container violation and weaving over a roadway.

• Pablo Aguilar, 17, of 119 Little Mexico, was charged Saturday with DUI, illegal possession of alcohol and driving without a license.

• A 14-year-old girl was charged Saturday with a curfew violation.

• A 13-year-old girl was charged Friday with disorderly conduct and being an unruly child.

• Bobby Ray Casteel Jr., 30, of 619 Third St. S.E., was charged Friday with disorderly conduct and probation violation.

• Ronald Lavern Harper, 58, of 122 Royale Road, was charged Friday with disorderly conduct.

• Ronald Shane Harper, 18, of 122 Royale Road, was charged Friday with disorderly conduct.

• Ronian Dawson White, 35, of 414 31st St. S.W., was charged Friday with driving with a suspended license (second offense) and following too closely.

• A 15-year-old boy was charged Friday with being an unruly child.

• Julio Anaya, 24, of 128 N. Pine Drive, was charged Saturday with furnishing false information to police, speeding and driving with a suspended license.

• Kimberly Nicole Scott, 20, of 419 Cemetery Road in Pelham, was charged Saturday with driving with a suspended license, driving with an expired tag and no proof of insurance.

• Robert Milton Thompson Jr., 21, of 2231 Smith St. in Berlin, was charged Saturday with driving with a revoked license.

• Kelvin Bernard Holmes, 47, of 1035 14th St. S.E., was charged Monday with DUI (second offense).

• Jason Donnie Hawkins, 33, of 5061 Highway 319 N. in Tifton, was charged Tuesday with driving without a license on his person.

• Charles Horace Callahan, 41, of 775 Sardis Church Road, was charged Sunday with burglary.

• Antonio Uribe Trejo, 25, of 1400 Southwood Drive in Valdosta, was charged Sunday with DUI.

• Pedro Velasco Hernandez, 26, of 251 Las Vegas Lane, Box 9, in Norman Park, was charged Sunday with speeding and driving without a license.

• Craig Wayne Silas, 35, of 1884 Highway 270 W. in Doerun, was charged Sunday with two counts of issuing bad checks.

Other Incidents

• Shemeca Madison, of Fourth Avenue Northeast, reported an unknown person broke out the door to her residence Monday. Damage to the door was approximately $100, but nothing was reported stolen. Madison provided officers with the names of two male acquaintances she suspects broke down the door.

• Julie Harrison, of Third Avenue Southeast, reported an unknown person cut a tire on her Buick Lesabre between midnight and 8 a.m. Friday. Damage to the vehicle was approximately $100. Harrison provided officers with the name of a female acquaintance she suspects cut the tire.

• Andy Owen reported an unknown person drove into the railroad crossbar, owned by RCL Railroad, on Highway 319 North and ripped it off the handle between 6 a.m. and noon Friday. Damage to the crossbar was unknown at the time of report.

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