MOULTRIE -- A developer and his attorney came before the Moultrie City Council Tuesday and asked the council to speed up the process for their zoning request.

Jeremy Hobbs, one of the owners and developers of 161.19 acres near Veterans Parkway and Tallokas Road, and Billy Fallin, his attorney, asked the council to get their zoning request put onto the next council meeting agenda. The zoning request was supposed to have been on the agenda Tuesday, but requirements taking effect Jan. 1 delayed the process.

The land would be used to build Iris Court, a neighborhood of approximately 277 total lots. It was annexed into the city at the July 12 meeting. The council voted in July to deny Hobbs' request for an R-PUD zoning, so he and Fallin re-applied for an R-1A zoning.

Fallin said Hobbs has been placed into a financial predicament because he has not been able to build on the land without it being zoned. In order to purchase the land, he was loaned about $1.46 million to buy and develop the land but has done nothing but pay the loan back without getting any income from development.

Hobbs said he and his partners have done almost everything asked of them by making adjustments to the land and its future development. Fallin told the council he and Hobbs need some help from the council to get the zoning request approved because they do not know where they are in terms of development.

City Manager Bob Hopkins told Fallin and Hobbs they would put the zoning request on the agenda for the next council meeting, scheduled for Sept. 20. Doing so would speed up the process to obtain a recommendation from the Regional Development Corp. (RDC), as required by state law.

Other matters approved by the council included:

- Holding the first and second readings to set the 2005 millage rate at 8.553 mills;

- Amending the Fleet Management and Maintenance Services Contract between the city and First Vehicle Services, Inc. for a maximum price of $840,481;

- Transferring ownership and a warranty deed on Mack Tharpe Stadium from the city to the Colquitt County Board of Education;

- Approving an agreement between the city and Associates in Local Government Assistance to serve as administrative consultant of the EDI Swift Project, Phase II;

- Granting city/developer agreements between the city and the David H. Poer Co. and Todd Buckner Designs;

- Amending the utilities ordinance to change the city's cost of power from 5.99 cents per kilowatt hour to 5.70 cents per kilowatt hour;

- Approving the Environmental Protection Division's expedited compliance order and settlement agreement for violations at the Moultrie Water Pollution Control Plant;

- Awarding a bid to Folsom Construction for resurfacing projects, and;

- Appointing Mickey Waller as city attorney, David Herndon as Municipal Court judge and Margaret Mathis to the Moultrie-Colquitt County Planning Commission.

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