A woman who may have been left out of a will was named as a suspect in a burglary of the deceased’s residence.

Randy Leroy Flemming, of Moultrie, reported the incident to Colquitt County sheriff’s deputies Monday.

Sometime between noon Saturday and the time of the report, someone entered the residence of Flemming’s father, Handy Flemming, in the 2500 block of Georgia Highway 111. Handy Flemming died June 9. In June 1990, he won $7.36 million in the Florida lottery.

Randy Flemming gave authorities the name of someone he suspects may have taken the property. He said this person had told a witness that she wanted to get some things from the house, but the witness had urged her to wait until one of Handy Flemming’s children could go with her.

On Monday, Flemming found a fence around the yard of the residence had been pushed down. There was no sign of forced entry to the house.

Flemming listed several items that were missing: two floor rugs, a variety of brass pieces, four carved wooden statues, five push lawnmowers, a couch and chairs, a small round couch and two framed paintings. The total value of the items was estimated at $21,000.

In addition, Flemming said, papers in two briefcases in his father’s bedroom had been gone through.

Flemming told the deputy that his father had a will and there’s no mention of the suspect receiving any property at all.

No charges were filed as of Tuesday evening.

Charges dropped

Moultrie Police

• Moultrie police dismissed a charge of burglary against Austin Michael Elliot, 17, 218 N. Fain St., Doerun.


Moultrie Police

• Julius Maranis Sesler, 30, 1613 Hutchinson Drive, was charged Sunday with headlight requirements, DUI, suspended license and open container.

• Reshawna King, 24, 205 MLK Jr. Drive, was charged Sunday on a Dougherty County warrant alledging possession of marijuana.

• Socorre Lavay Davis, 38, 221 Seventh Ave. S.E., was charged Sunday with simple battery (family violence) and interference with a 911 call. Davis is accused of choking Prescilla Bergara of Moultrie when she wouldn't let him use her phone. When she called 911, he allegedly took the phone from her and threw it across the yard.

• Kenyetta Everett White, 18, 472 Big Bear Blvd., Norman Park, was charged Friday with possession of a sawed-off shotgun, defective equipment and two counts of safety belts violation (children).


Moultrie Police

• Police responded Sunday night to a report of domestic violence in the 900 block of Second Avenue Northwest. Lashelsia Spencer, of Moultrie, said a male acquaintance threw a trash can at her during an argument. the trash can hit her in the leg, and the responding officer said she was still limping on it when he took her report.


Moultrie Police

• Eve Howard, 900 block Bonny Circle, told officers Sunday morning that she'd hosted a party the night before, and a guest, Joel Soria, had too much to drink and went to sleep on the couch. He removed his wallet from his pocket, and when he woke up $500 was missing from it.

• An unidentified male was caught on security camera taking four cartons of Newport cigarettes from behind the counter of Murphy Express, Veterans Parkway, while the clerk was on smoke break early Sunday morning. The total was estimated at $190.

• Jessica Boyd, of Moultrie, reported her purse was taken from her buggy while she was at Walmart Saturday. The purse and its contents were valued at $45.

• Otha Lakay Huckaby, of Norman Park, told police he was notified Saturday by the owner of the self-storage units at 10 Doc Darbyshire Road that someone had broken into his unit the night before. It was Saturday night before he could check on it. Missing were four tire rims, three sets fo speakers, a 600-watt amplifier and a window air conditioner. The total value was estimated at $850.

• A clerk at Chevron, 1350 Veterans Parkway North, told police Saturday afternoon that a red Mustang drove off after its driver pumped $40 in gas without paying for it.

• A clothes washer and dryer were taken from a utility room in the 700 block of First Street Southeast between midnight and 7 a.m. Saturday. Debbie Lucas and Patty Reiley, who rent the residence, said there is no door on the utility room. The washer and dryer were valued at a total of $400.

• Sasha McCastle, 1500 block Fourth Avenue Northeast, reported a man she knows took her debit card after an argument.

• A man and woman walked out of Family Dollar, 635 First Ave. S.E., with two packs of Tide Pods Friday. Store employees said they set off the alarm at the door but employees could not stop them before they got into a car and left.

Property damage

Moultrie Police

• Justin Fender, of Moultrie, told police Saturday that someone scratched an obscenity in the family's van at Woodland Apartments, Seventh Street Southeast.

• Tamia Bullock, of Moultrie, told police Sunday morning that someone scratched her car with a key at Forest Creek Apartments, MLK Jr. Drive.

Other reports

Moultrie Police

• An employee of the City of Moultrie reported Wednesday, June 5, that a known, unlicensed individual had conducted some plumbing work at the Town Terrace Motel, 600 S. Main St., on May 25. The employee provided police with a copy of the receipt for payment of the work in the amount of $393.62. The officer also found there was not a work permit issued by the city to conduct the work.

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