MOULTRIE, Ga. — Alcohol was involved in a confrontation that left one man bleeding on the floor Tuesday evening.

John Joseph Duron, 58, his brother Andrew Duron, and Jose Deortal Jr., 38, were drinking at a residence at 2400 West Blvd., Moultrie police said. Deortal told the responding officer he’d been staying there a couple of nights because of a conflict with his girlfriend.

Andrew Duron told the officer Deortal had gotten up to answer a phone call from his girlfriend, and when he came back, John Duron started instigating him because of the conflict. He said Deortal got mad and started hitting John Duron in the face. He fell to the floor but Deortal kept punching him, Andrew Duron said.

Deortal told the story differently. He said John Duron attacked him while he was sitting in a chair and Andrew Duron joined in. He said he defended himself against them.

The officer noted that Deortal did not have any marking on his face of being punched. His shirt was ripped but he had no markings of bruising from being punched, the police report said.

When the officer arrived, John Duron was lying on the floor with a puddle of blood at his head. The officer said he was bleeding from the nose, and his eye was swollen shut. By the time the officer had spoken with Andrew Duron and Deortal, John Duron was able to speak with him.

Duron said he didn’t know why Deortal would attack him. He said it might have been because he told him the truth about his girlfriend.

Colquitt Regional EMS checked John Duron and urged him to go to the hospital because of the severity of his injury. He said he’d get his wife to take him.

A Colquitt Regional Medical Center spokeswoman said he was treated at the emergency room and released.

Deortal, of Norman Park, was charged with battery, according to the officer’s incident report.

Other violence

Moultrie Police

• Aaron Lee Burnham, of Berlin, reported Monday that the mother of a woman he knows slapped him in the face in Walmart. The woman’s father was also trying to fight him, Burnham said. Several witnesses described the same scene.

• Devon Johnson, of Moultrie, told police Monday that an employee at his car wash stomped on his hand during an argument. He said he was trying to correct the way the man was washing the car. They argued about it, and the man said he was leaving. Johnson tried to pay him $10 for the work he’d done, but the man shoved it away and it fell to the ground. Johnson said he bent to retrieve the money and the man stomped on his hand.

Police caught up with the suspect, who acknowledged the two had argued. He said he stomped near Johnson’s hand as he stormed off but said he didn’t make contact.

The officer said he saw no lacerations, scrapes, bruising or bleeding on Johnson’s hand.

Sheriff’s Office

• Johnathan Ramos, 6300 block Cool Springs Road, Norman Park, reported he was attacked Sunday afternoon at a residence on Las Vegas Lane, also in Norman Park. Jesus Gilberto Alarcon, 47, 5695 Cool Springs Road, Norman Park, was charged with battery on Tuesday.

• Brittany Fletcher, 500 block Lewis Road, reported a case of simple battery Saturday.

• Justina Lynn Sauls, 771 J.O. Stewart Road, Norman Park, was charged with battery (family violence)  after a confrontation with T.J. Sauls at his residence on Hurst Road Friday morning.

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