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A man and his wife were charged Tuesday with stealing a car from her mother.

Kenneth Keith McCall and Michelle Lynn McCall, both 35, were charged with theft by taking in the case. They were listed as homeless on police arrest reports.

The same individuals were charged by Colquitt County sheriff’s deputies with theft by taking on Monday. On jail paperwork, Kenneth McCall is listed as being from Brinson, while Michelle McCall’s address is listed as 708-C Second Ave. S.E. No information on the case for which they were charged in the county was provided.

The city arrests stem from a report made April 24 by Patricia Kearce, Michelle McCall’s mother.

Kearce said the McCalls took her to a Tennessee car dealership to buy her a car Jan. 14. They purchased a 2011 Chevrolet Impala, which was registered in Kearce’s name. Kearce said they told her Kenneth McCall’s “Granny” was paying off the car as a gift to her. At the time, the McCalls were living with Kearce in the 800 block of 26th Avenue Southeast.

Kearce said a few days after the purchase, the McCalls started using the car without her permission, and when she asked for the keys they did not give them to her.

At some point, Kearce and her son had to move, she told police. She moved to 708 Second Ave. S.E. The McCalls no longer lived with her, but they still had possession of the car. She said she asked them several times to return it, but they did not.

The McCalls were living with a family friend in the 600 block of 26th Avenue Southeast. On April 15, they were told to leave that residence; they did so, and Kearce and her son moved in.

The family friend told officers the McCalls had had the Impala while staying with her, and she said she witnessed Kearce trying to contact the McCalls about the vehicle after they moved out.

Kearce told officers she had been receiving calls from a collection company stating that no payments had been made on the vehicle and her account with them is past due $790. She said she cannot afford to make the car payments on her own.

Other arrests

Moultrie Police

• Victor Manuel Villanueva, 24, of Funston, was charged with probation violation.

• Quimesia Lashay Johnson, 19, of Albany, and Ronnie Johnson, 41, of Albany, were charged Tuesday with shoplifting and trespass in connection with a theft at Walmart.

• Carrole Graham Donley, 41, 762 Crosby Road, was charged with driving while license suspended, open container and failure to maintain lane.

Sheriff’s Office

• Austin Jake Griffin, 18, of Sparks, was charged Monday with failure to appear.

• Michael Stevenson McMurphy, 31, of Norman Park, was charged Tuesday with burglary.

Berlin Police

• Junior Julian Perales, 17, of Berlin, was charged Tuesday with failure to drive in a single lane and driving without a license.

• Edwin Valentin, 46, of Quitman, was charged Tuesday with probation violation.


Sheriff’s Office

• Kip Carruthers, 3000 block Cool Springs Road, reported Monday that several items were missing from his residence. He said he left home at 7 a.m., and when he returned just before 6 p.m. he found his back door open. When he entered the residence, he saw several electronic items missing and he called 911. After a search, he determined two jewelry boxes, a 21-inc television, two Droid tablets, $125 in currency, an Acer laptop and a lithium battery-powered chainsaw were missing. The known value of the items was $1,528, but he estimated the real value at more than $2,000 because some of the items were gifts so he didn’t know what they cost.

• Jennifer Tyler, 700 block Clarence -Norman Road, told deputies Tuesday she came home at 6 p.m. and found the front door forced open. Missing from the house was a .40-caliber handgun and a silver ring believed to be costume jewelry. The total value of the items was estimated at $501.


Sheriff’s Office

• Latoya Fredericka Shealy, 300 block Indian Lake Drive, told deputies Monday she received a letter from Windstream Communications saying she owes $594.37 in phone bills on an account that dates back three years. Shealy said she does not have an account with Windstream, but she gave deputies the name of a female acquaintance she believes might have opened the account using her identity.

Moultrie Police

• Darrell Moore, of Moultrie, reported Tuesday that he loaned his credit card to a person he knows for her to buy items for work he's having done at a house he's preparing to rent. In April, he received his statement and found purchases he did not authorize. He said he did not report the incident at the time because he wanted to give her a chance to “make it right,” but she has not.

Other thefts

Sheriff’s Office

• Christina Leeann Singley, of Norman Park, reported that a male acquaintance was sleeping on her couch at 11 p.m. Tuesday but when she got up at 5 a.m. he was gone … and so was her car. The 2006 Honda Accord was valued at $5,500, and it contained a tablet computer, a .243-caliber rifle and $2,000 cash.

Moultrie Police

• Oziel Tatum, of Moultrie, told police Tuesday that someone took an HP laptop computer and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from his car while it was parked at the Walmart shopping center. Total value of the stolen items was estimated at $700.


Sheriff’s Office

• Shana Rodgers, 3500 block Old Adel Road, reported Tuesday that a female relative pushed or shoved her during an argument about money.

Criminal trespass

Sheriff’s Office

• Brandy Zimmerman, 3200 block Highway 37 East, called deputies about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday because she heard someone trying to get into her residence. The deputy found tool marks on the latch plate of the rear door and minor damage around the locking mechanism. He also found a window that had been slightly opened.

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