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Meigs police officer Lt. Chris Luckey uses his Mobile Data Terminal to access information.

Meigs police received a grant through the U.S. Department of Defense that has enabled the officers to move into a new realm of mobile technology.

“The Meigs Police Department is growing and in doing so, will be participating with numerous law enforcement agencies across the nation utilizing Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) in their patrol vehicles,” said Chief Tom Close.

The agency received 15 Panasonic Toughbook computers that have touch-screen capability and will be able to access the Georgia Crime Information Center, as well as the department’s records-management system.

Each officer has been assigned a computer that will be locked into their vehicle and can be removed for use in the office.

“Meigs police have been working with the Georgia Crime Information Center through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to ensure that the officers are certified to run drivers license information, vehicle tags, wanted persons and other pertinent information while on patrol,” Close explained.

The laptops are secured in cars and will serve as a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for each car and each officer. Officers will be able to write reports and submit them wirelessly from their vehicle to the office.

Close said the benefit of an MDT is that information can be submitted and transmitted immediately, suspects can be identified, and records accessed with the touch of a few keys.

“Most law enforcement agencies have MDTs,” Close said, “but in Thomas County, Thomasville police and Georgia State Patrol are the only agencies utilizing this technology.”

Meigs police will use electronic ticketing in the near future, as well as work on completion of state accreditation through the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, according to the chief.

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