MOULTRIE — An alleged drunk driver left the lives of single mother Pammalar Carlisle and her two teen-age children in shambles after he smashed into her house on Clay Street Sunday night trying to outrun a sheriff's deputy in a high-speed chase into a residential area.

George Wallace, 31, 909 Second Ave. N.W., was driving a truck south on the bypass when a deputy spotted him weaving and speeding about 4 a.m. An attempt to pulled the truck over failed, and the pursuit accelerated to speeds faster than 100 mph on Veterans Parkway until the truck turned onto Hutchinson Drive and subsequently slid into Carlisle’s residence where the family was sleeping. Later, Wallace’s wife reported her truck stolen from Newton Grove Baptist Church.

Carlisle, who had been renting that house for five years, has been staying at the Moultrie Inn thanks to a local pastor's club. The owner there was kind enough to discount the room, she said. But she only has that room for a week. The Colquitt County Chapter of the American Red Cross paid for a couple of nights at another motel, but Carlisle said her situation didn't qualify for disaster aid.

She wanted to set the record straight, she said, maintaining that the sheriff's department did not find Carlisle and her family temporary housing as was reported in a recent edition of The Observer. She did, however, want to thank Chief Frank Lang and one of his lieutenants for calling around town to look for shelter for them. It was the city police who found help through the First Baptist Church, she said.

Carlisle did clarify that the sheriff's department did offer to call a properties company, which Carlisle hasn't met with yet.

"He hit the corner of my house, shook the whole house. It's like a tornado went through my house. I'm a good housekeeper, but everything in my house now is broken up," she said.

The house was knocked nearly a foot off the foundation, and now the family is displaced.

Carlisle is outraged, she said, by the fact that Wallace was granted bond given his lengthy list of prior offenses. She has since hired an attorney, she said.

"I don't want to upset anybody, but I'm upset. I'm upset by this guy," she said. "If he were to have killed my kids, I guess they would have put him away.”

Wallace collided into the room beside where her son and a friend, both high school football players, were sleeping. Both were knocked out of the bed and injured; one to the pelvis, one to the knee.

"So this guy decided to drive drunk, my son might won't be able to play football," she said, adding her daughter's neck was injured and that has interrupted her work as well.

Her daughter, who was working late at Taco Bell, was still awake at the time Wallace slammed into the house, she said.

"She was in the bathroom. It (threw) her across the room and she was hit in the face. Her eye was swollen. So she got hit in the face and thrown into the bathtub," she said.

"We're not fine. My daughter is injured, and we have no where to go," she said in a desperate tone, adding that she hasn't been able to work in four days because she is scrambling to secure her family.

Carlisle works two jobs. She hasn't been allowed to retrieve property, having to buy new clothes for her family, she said, and the power to the house has been cut off. Now, she’s trying to find a new home for her family, something she never expected would happen in crisis. She was intending to enter into a lease-to-own agreement with her landlord, she said.

"My house didn't get up and run into him. He ran into us. We were asleep," she said.

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