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McLean Engineering Company has been headquartered in Moultrie for 75 years. The office on main street has been there since the 1950s.

McLean Engineering Company, a family owned and operated business which was founded in Moultrie in 1936 by E. Price McLean Sr., will be celebrating its 75th birthday this year.

“We feel very fortunate to have been able to live and practice engineering in Moultrie, Ga., for the past 75 years, said Michael J. McLean, P.E., president and owner of McLean Engineering, the third McLean family owner of the firm.

“It is a privilege to work for a company that helped to found many of the rural electric cooperatives in Florida and Georgia,” McLean said. “Serving many of the co-ops and municipal power systems that have been so important in the lives of communities across the South has been a joy. We couldn’t ask for a better community in which to live and work or for better clients and communities to serve.”

Over the years, the company has helped to create electric membership cooperatives in Florida and Georgia and its clients range from down in the Florida Keys up to Moncks Corners, S.C., and from the Georgia coast to Alabama. Though its practice has spread throughout the southeastern U.S. and includes a wide variety of clients, many of these co-ops are still clients 75 years later.

“Particularly, the rural cooperatives have been or clients for 50, 60 and 70 years, which we think is a cool thing,” said Sean Knowles, vice president of business development at McLean Engineering Company.

He said, for example, Mitchell EMC had been a client since it opened its doors. According to the Mitchell EMC website it was incorporated in 1937. Other customers in the area include City of Moultrie, Colquitt EMC, City of Camilla, City of Adel, City of Sylvester, Irwin EMC and Grady EMC.

“And we still have a very active relationship with them,” he said.

“With 75 years of practice as power engineers, we have developed a reputation within our industry for treating clients right and acting with integrity to deliver what is most essential in the electric power industry — reliable, durable design solutions,” the McLean Engineering website states. “We have done this by focusing on long-term relationships with our clients and employees, and by always insisting on providing superior power engineering solutions, even when these things are not popular or profitable. While some engineering firms claim to know everything about all types of design and engineering, we have remained focused on providing superior solutions to independent electric utility systems.”

With integrity, reliability and durability as its primary focus, the company hopes to spread trust, through providing solutions, to the communities it services, said Knowles. He said they serve independent electric utilities and that is how they support small communities, especially, since the staff lives and works in just such a community.

Another way the company tries to be more efficient for its clients is by using technology and air travel to “shrink the distance” between its staff and its client.

“That’s sort of a theme for us — trying to shrink the distance,” said Knowles.

Since McLean was a pilot, the idea to  purchase a small plane was conceived and staff is now able to get to its customers quickly and more efficiently, he also said.

“Of course, we’re a big supporter of the airport in Moultrie,” Knowles said.

The airport has been great to work with, he added.

Several events will be taking place throughout the year to mark the anniversary. One thing the company is working on is trying to have staff attend the annual meeting of each of its clients, so that they can relay a message of “thanks” for the continued support the company has received.

During the Sunbelt Agricultural Expo, McLean Engineering will hold a reception for its clients because many of them attend the Expo, said Knowles. This will be another way to thank them for their support.

On Dec. 1, which is the actual “birthday” of the company, anyone who calls and wishes them “Happy Birthday” will be entered into a drawing for an iPad II.

“It will definitely keep us busy around the office that day,” said Knowles.

He added that this will afford the company an opportunity to interact with the community.

Also, ongoing now, the Museum of Colquitt County History has an exhibit on display in celebration of McLean Engineering’s anniversary.

“We sort of have a display of implements that have been used at the company over the years,” he said.


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