MOULTRIE — A woman was abducted Saturday night and taken on a 30-minute ride by a man who threatened her with a knife before police arrested him when he stopped for gas.

The reported kidnapping of Heather Scoggins, 32, was among several domestic violence cases handled over the weekend by the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office.

Scoggins and Lawrence Crawford, of the 3100 block of Sumner Road, told police that a man sped away from their residence with her at about 7 a.m. in a Chevrolet Lumina. Deputies located the Lumina at about 7:30 a.m. at a North Main Street convenience, where they arrested Timothy Olan Nichols.

Scoggins and Nichols previously had been involved in a lengthy relationship that ended recently, sheriff’s Inv. Timmy Barnes said.

“He had been wanting to talk to her,” Barnes said. “She decided she would go out and talk to him at the car. He got startled or upset because he saw another male in the yard, and he took off with her in the car.”

Scoggins told police that Nichols kept her in the car by holding her by the hair and that he threatened her with a knife after he took her away from the residence. Crawford called law enforcement.

Officers found Nichols’ car at a store at the intersection of U.S. Highway 319 and North Main, where he was arrested.

“At that time I think the issue was starting to diffuse itself and they had stopped to get gas,” Nichols said.

Nichols, 43, 113 Green St., Moultrie, was charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault. He was still being held at Colquitt County Jail on Monday afternoon.

In an unrelated incident on Friday, Amanda Jane Tyson, of Holly Circle, reported that a male relative hit her twice in the head when he approached her from behind as she was walking into the bathroom.

Tyson told police that she and the man had been arguing about a car with mechanical problems prior to the attack. The second blow to the head caused her to black out and when she came to the man was packing his things.

Police searched for the man that night, but did not locate him. An officer will take arrest warrants, sheriff’s reports said.

Tyson had two large bumps to the head, the reports said.

In other domestic calls:

• Debbie Conner, 200 block Indian Lake Drive, reported Sunday that a male companion broke a television set and also damaged interior walls at their residence.

Conner told police that the man also took a telephone away from her when she tried call for assistance.

Deputies made an arrest but warrants had not been taken in the case as of Monday afternoon.

• Karen Tillman, 300 block Dunn Road, reported Sunday that a male companion grabbed her “around her back” and hit her in the head.

Tillman told police that she and the man had been arguing over money while drinking prior to the incident.

Tillman had visible swelling and redness to her head, sheriff’s reports said. An arrest warrant will be taken for the man, who left before officers arrived.

• Joey McMurphy, 1300 block Fifth Avenue Southeast, reported Saturday that a female companion hit him in the forehead with her fist.

McMurphy suffered a small cut from which blood was flowing when a deputy arrived, sheriff’s reports said. He refused medical treatment and did not wish to file charges against the woman, who left before officers arrived.

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