City and county law enforcement officers responded to a number of incidents of family violence over the weekend. Several of them were linked to alcohol use, according to law enforcement reports.

Moultrie police

• Nakatia Office, 1200 block of Fourth Street Southwest, told police Sunday her husband, Robert Office, came home from drinking. He became irate, she said, and pushed her into a closet. When she came out of the closet, she said, he threw a centerpiece from the table at her and hit her arm. When she told him she’d called police, he allegedly grabbed her, pushed her on the bed and grabbed her by the shirt.

Robert Office told police his wife had gotten upset with him, but he said nothing happened physically.

The officer said Nakatia Office’s shirt was stretched and torn, and she had a visible scratch on her right shoulder.

Police charged Robert Office, 28, of 1204 Fourth St. S.W., with battery (family violence).

• Bobby Wilson, 58, of the 100 block of Fifth Street Northwest, told police Saturday an acquaintance gave him some liquor, which he attempted to take next door. When he did, the acquaintance became irate and struck him several times with his fist.

The officer said he didn’t see any injuries, and when he asked several potential witnesses about the matter, they all said they didn’t see the  incident take place.

• Mary Kelly, 23, told police an acquaintance assaulted her boyfriend at Latino’s early Sunday morning. Prior to that altercation, the acquaintance elbowed her in the abdomen, said Kelly, who is four months pregnant. She said she has experienced no complications from the hit.

• Shantavia Jackson, 1000 block of 10th Avenue Southeast, reported Saturday that she and her husband, Tarius Jackson, had been arguing throughout the day. She said she got tired of the arguing and got out of the bed to leave, but she said he pushed her out of the bedroom and into the living room. She told him to get out of her face, and he allegedly grabbed her by the hair. She said she broke off a few of her acrylic fingernails in her struggle to get free.

Shantavia Jackson said she picked up a knife and fended her husband off until she could get to the safety of her vehicle and call 911.

Tarius Jackson fled, police said, but he was arrested later. Jackson, 31, of 1016 Tenth Ave. S.E., was charged with simple battery (family violence).

Sheriff’s office

• Ramona Haynes, 37, and Milton Ford, 52, both of 1521 Crestwood Lane, were charged Friday in a family violence case.

Haynes said Ford came home intoxicated. They argued and he hit her in the neck and chest area, she said, so she attacked him in self-defense.

Ford said Haynes attacked him when he came home and he pushed her away because he didn’t want to fight.

The deputy noticed both were extremely intoxicated. He said Ford had marks on his face that appeared to have been from scratching, while Haynes had no marks to support her version of events. He also noted that Haynes was uncooperative.

A 14-year-old female relative was in the house at the time of the altercation, but she said she was asleep.

• A husband and wife on Swift Canteen Road reported early Saturday that their son had scuffled with his father and threatened his mother with a hammer.

The boy, whose age was not available in the sheriff’s office report, was charged as a juvenile.

• Tasha Michelle Tillman, 100 block of 30th Avenue Northwest, reported a male acquaintance came to her house and she let him in. He began to argue with her and pushed her down while she was holding her 1-year-old daughter, she said. She said he began to choke her, and when she broke from his grasp he hit her in the head with his hand.

Tillman said she was able to bang on the wall and alert another family member, and the acquaintance fled.

The deputy noted Tillman had red marks on her neck and was very upset.

The deputy reached the acquaintance by phone, and he admitted pushing Tillman down but said he didn’t choke or hit her. The officer asked him to return to the house to discuss the incident and the man said he would, but he never did.


Moultrie Police Department

• William Richard Gandy, 54, 1160-B R.L. Norman Road, Norman Park, was charged Friday with two counts of contempt of court.

• Jared Michael Stephens, 31, of Sylvester, was charged Saturday with failure to maintain lane, expired tag, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

• Randy Williams Adams, 42, of 203 Third St. S.W., was charged Saturday with duty to obey.

• Herman Glen Hortman, 65, of 227 Second Ave. S.E., was charged Sunday with a license violation, expired tag and no insurance.

• Matthew Donald Selen, 19, of Pavo, was charged Monday with failure to yield while turning left and violation of permit.

Sheriff’s office

• Blake Eugene White, 28, 1388 Highway 33 South, was charged Saturday under the Super Speeder law.

• Carroll Ray Fender, 29, Lot 11 Jasmine Lane, was charged Friday with probation violation.

• Felix Velasquez, 42, of Adel, was charged Sunday with DUI (alcohol) — sixth offense, open container, driving after license withdrawn and expired tag. Velasquez was found apparently asleep in a vehicle parked with the motor running on Murray McCranie Road. Once Velasquez was finally awakened, the deputy noticed signs of alcohol use — including a half-empty can of beer in the cupholder — and took him to the jail for a Breathalyzer test, which registered .238, according to the deputy’s report.

Georgia State Patrol

• Thomas Lee Wright, 19, 535 C. M. Chafin Road, Norman Park, was charged Saturday with DUI, driving without a license and speeding.

Norman Park Police

• Larry Michael Yearwood, 63, of Tifton, was charged with probation violation Sunday.

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