MOULTRIE, Ga. — During last week’s Colquitt County Board of Education meeting the board approved Coastal Plains Charter High School as the next school in Colquitt County.

Coastal Plains Charter High School is a different type of school as it is for students that require a different type of teaching environment.

The school is free to attend for the ages of 14-20. A student must have at least attempted ninth grade to gain enrollment. Any student over 21 must pay per-credit tuition.

The charter school will be open 4-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. They allow students to work at their own pace and not go through the standard pressure of attending a regular school.

Although the school sounds a lot like Colquitt County’s Achievement Center but Colquitt County School Superintendent Doug Howell said that isn’t the case.

“The biggest difference is that the charter school will not take a student that is under out-of-school suspension or someone that has been expelled; they do not take anybody that fits that category,” Howell said. "They offer students a chance at a Georgia high school diploma in a nontraditional setting. They also offer support for students providing online teachers and on-site teachers during the evening to help. The charter school will fulfill a bigger need. It’s going to be a need for those kids that don't think they are going to graduate and kids that caught a bad break. The charter school will not be a part of our school system but it has almost all the benefits of it.”

Coastal Plains will have its classes at Colquitt County High School where Ricky Rentz, superintendent of the charter school, asked for six classrooms and an office to house an expected 125 students for the first year. There will be 55 people employed to help with the school, and Rentz expects to start classes in July 2019. For more information on Coastal Plains you can visit

Rentz said he thinks this is a great opportunity for students who never got the chance to finish high school — or students who require a different environment to learn — to get their high school diploma.

"I think this is great,” he said. “Right now we have 10 sites all the way from Screven to Camden, but this is something we intended to do in our long-term plans, and I hope we can open up more sites in the future.

"We are a public school,” Rentz said. “The only difference is that we are open during the night. We will have special ed services and Title I. Whatever the day school offers we will have, besides extracurricular activities."

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