MOULTRIE — On Aug. 20, The Observer added a new feature to its website, a Question of the Week poll. Because the presence of a Mexican flag at C.A. Gray Middle School had been a hot thread through the newspaper’s Rant and Rave column at the time, we chose our first Question of the Week to relate to that issue.

Is it appropriate for an American school to display a foreign flag?

Ten days and 162 responses later, we have our answers:

• 43.21 percent said never, the largest single response.

• 15.43 percent said only if it helps with a specific lesson.

• 22.84 percent said if it helps with a lesson or in connection with a specific event.

• 8.02 percent said any time, so long as the U.S. flag is displayed more prominently.

• 10.49 percent said whenever school officials think it’s appropriate.

The poll is not scientific. Anyone logging onto The Observer’s home page can participate, so it reflects the opinions only of those who choose to vote.

In a Moultrie Observer article that published Aug. 22, C.A. Gray Principal Todd Cason explained the situation that prompted the question. Cason said the flag, a gift from a superintendent to two C.A. Gray Middle School faculty members who traveled to Mexico last year, had been left behind a curtain on the cafeteria stage, but it was apparently visible the night of the school’s open house.

“It was never outside; it was never underneath the American flag; it was never near the American flag,” Cason said, emphasizing that no disrespect for the U.S. flag was ever intended.

The U.S. Flag Code ( spells out how the flag can be displayed with appropriate honor, and it does include a subsection on displaying the U.S. flag with flags of other nations. It reads: “When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace.”

The Observer plans to put a new poll question on its home page every Saturday night, with results to be published in the Sunday paper a week later.

Voting is now open on this week’s question, also based on a recent Rant and Rave thread: How much does a candidate’s religion influence your choice among presidential candidates?

Visit to give us your answer.

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