MOULTRIE — Moultrie police are investigating a man’s report of being kidnapped for three days before he was released Sunday evening.

William Sloan told police that he was abducted at about 10:30 p.m. Friday by the roadway in the 1000 block of West Central Avenue. He said that he was released at around 6 p.m. Sunday.

Moultrie Police Department Inv. Steven Colgan said Monday that additional information is being withheld because the case remains under investigation.

He said that Sloan had a slight abrasion to his face at the time he reported the incident.


Moultrie Police

• Kevin Spear, 19, Moultrie, reported that he was attacked Friday night by several men who took his wallet and two cellular telephones.

Spear told police that he was walking at about 9:20 in the 600 block of First Avenue Southwest when the assault occurred. He was taking a short cut through an empty lot from a convenience store to First Avenue.

The stolen property was valued at $659.


Moultrie Police

• Kodi Nikko Milton, 35, 408 Fifth Ave. N.W., was charged Saturday with entering auto and criminal damage to property.

• Travis Lee Banks, 37, 610 Fifth St. S.E., was charged Friday with possession of cocaine.

• Donald Horn, 712-C First Ave. S.W., was charged Friday with theft by shoplifting.

He is accused of stealing a bottle of Johnny Walker liquor from Samesh Package, 205 Fifth St. S.W.

• Lynn Goodman, 57, 1237 31st St., was charged Saturday with criminal trespass.

• Nazario Ramirez, 24, 528 Willow St., was charged Saturday with no driver’s license and defective equipment.

• Eddie El Edwards, 65, 119 19th St. N.E., was charged Saturday with disorderly conduct.

• Pedro Garcia, 28, 30 Circle Road, was charged Sunday with driving under the influence, suspended license and failure to maintain lane.

Sheriff’s Office

• Isabel Torres, 27, 4317 Jimmy Goff Court, Albany, was charged Friday with driving without license.

Doerun Police

• Vickie Victoria Howard, 32, 114 Mathis Ave., Doerun, was charged Friday with failure to appear.

Probation violation

Moultrie Police

• Thomas Kinsey, 53, 200 N. Railroad St., Norman Park.

Sheriff’s Office

• Brae Ley Staller, 27, 6864 Hwy. 133 S.

• Troy Alex Tyrone Davidson, 30, 153 Sam Harrell Road.


Moultrie Police

• Moultrie Livestock, 1200 First St. N.E., reported the theft of $5.

• Mozelle Harper, 300 block West Central Avenue, reported Friday the theft of electronics of unknown value.

• Franklin Lee, 200 block Sixth Street Northwest, reported Sunday the theft of property valued at $200.

Sheriff’s Office

• Donte Elliot, 100 block Dennis Powell Lane, Norman Park, reported Saturday the theft of $20 in change and a single-shot shotgun of unknown value and a bolt action rifle with scope of unknown value.

• Raul Castillo, 100 block Trailer Park Road, reported Saturday the theft of a Sanyo 42-inch flat screen television valued at $400.


• Brittney Washington, Hartsfield, reported Friday that a female acquaintance stole a wallet belonging to her boyfriend, Christopher Bozeman, in the 600 block of South Main Street.

• Jessica Martin, 25, Thomasville, reported Friday that a female acquaintance to whom she owed money made purchases of $150 using Martin’s Electronic Benefits Transfer card.

Martin told police that she owed the woman $110 and that she was supposed to only charged that amount using the card.

• Rosa Quintanilla, 40, Moultrie, reported the theft of electronics valued at $600 at Colquitt County High, 1800 Park Ave.

 • Luke Strong and Son Funeral Home, 20 First Ave. N.E., reported Saturday the theft of a can of paint valued at $25.

Police were dispatched at about 12:10 a.m. to a report that a burglary possibly was taking place. An employee told them that the can of paint was missing.

• Evelyn Harrell, 72, Moultrie, reported Sunday the theft of a purse containing, $60, clothing valued at $65 and other property valued at $92.

Harrell told police that she left the purse in a shopping cart in the 600 block of Veterans Parkway South while loading purchases in her car.After she realized she did not have her purse she returned to the store but it was not found.

• Jennifer Castro, 400 block East Central Avenue, reported Sunday the theft of a purse and $520.

Castro told police that a female acquaintance reportedly had been inside the bedroom where she kept the purse.

Sheriff’s Office

• Donna Garrett, 200 block T. Davis Road, reported Sunday the theft of an HP laptop computer valued at $700.

Entering Auto

Moultrie Police

• Tim Burnette, 1300 Fairview Drive, reported Sunday the theft of property valued at $55 out of a 1988 Chevrolet GMT-400.

The stolen property later was recovered, police said.

Sheriff’s Office

• Lewis Herndon reported Friday that the theft of a wallet from his daughter’s 2005 Jeep Liberty while parked at Colquitt County High, 1800 Park Ave.

The wallet and contents were valued at $79.

• Laura Hay, 400 block Smokey Bear Road, reported Friday the theft of her mother’s funeral packet containing compact discs and documents from the ceremony. She estimate the value of the stolen property at $2,017.


Sheriff’s Office

• Glenn Strickland, 300 block Coleman Road, reported Sunday that a  male relative choked and punched him during a dispute that started when the man wanted Strickland to get breakfast and go to church.

Strickland told police that when he said no the man put him in a choke hold and then went into the kitchen, where he damaged property. When Strickland investigated what was going on the man punched him and again choked him.

An officer observed trash cans dumped on he floor, a wooden rocking chair that had been thrown off the front porch, broken glass cups and a broken kitchen window, sheriff’s reports said. Strickland had lacerations on the back of his neck and on the left side, and small lacerations behind his left ear and left side of his face as well as swelling and bruising to his left eye.

Deputies arrested the man identified by Strickland as his attacker. Arrest details were not available on Monday.

Property damage

Moultrie Police

• Jeremy Dickens, 2900 block South Main Street, reported that someone damaged the lawn behind his property by spinning donuts in the grass.

Sheriff’s Office

• Chad Horne reported Friday that the hood was scratched and windshield broken on a 2005 Nissan Altima.

• Effie Butler, 300 Blackberry Lane, reported Saturday that the driver of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee backed into her 1997 Ford Taurus on the roadway near her residence.

Other investigations

Moultrie Police

• An officer responding to an alarm at R.W. Griffin Terminal Services, 305 Fourth Ave. N.E., found a window and back door glass broken.

• Murphy Oil USA, 505 Veterans Parkway South, reported Saturday that a man hit the window of the store and yelled obscenities after the business had closed.

• Kasey Cochran, 100 block Fifth Street Northeast, reported Friday that a male companion forced his way into the bedroom after she locked herself inside because he was drunk and had made threats.

Cochran told police that the man cut his hand while using a knife to open the door. He ran when he saw a police car approaching.

• Save-A-Lot, 205 Sixth St. S.E., reported Friday having a counterfeit $5 bill passed at the store.

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