Editor's note: This story has been updated to state the alleged threat did not name a specific target.

MOULTRIE, Ga. -- A Moultrie teen-ager has been jailed after police connected him to the phone used at to make an online threat to stage a mass shooting at a preschool.

The 16-year-old made the threat using internet Wi-Fi service on Feb. 12 at Colquitt County High School, police said. Law enforcement was made aware by Interpol of a threat made on an internet chat room.

Police arrested the teen on Wednesday and charged him with terroristic threats and acts.

“Interpol received information from an online game company in reference to some threats being made about shooting up a preschool,” said Sgt. Ronald Jordan of the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office. “Interpol contacted the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation). With the assistance of the GBI, Moultrie Police Department and the high school were able to identify a student who had made threats online.”

The threat did not identify any specific preschool as a potential target.

The GBI learned the internet protocol address associated with the threat had been connected to the school’s Wi-Fi system.

Police learned the same phone had been used at a residential address in Moultrie, and from there were able to identify a suspect.

The teen’s parents told police that he did not have access to firearms, but police still considered the threat to be credible.

Police are still trying to determine whether any specific plans had been made toward acting on the threat.

“We’re still interviewing students and school personnel to see if any actual plan was in place,” Jordan said.

If that turns out to be the case, additional charges could be filed.

The teen, whose name is not being released due to his age, is being held at a Georgia youth detention center.

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