For Sept. 26

Shame on GOP

"Shame on Saxby and the Republicans for their television ads that twist and distort Max Cleland's facial expressions and tell outrageous lies of his voting record. This has been standard operating procedure for Republicans since the days of Tricky Dick Nixon."

Weekend service

"On Saturday my child was sick and we found all the clinics closed. People don't just get sick Monday through Friday. It's a shame we can't have a clinic open on the weekends."

I want it back

"Somebody has picked up some top soil from my property on Tallokas Road. Please come back and see me about this. I want my top soil back.

Where's the pond?

"Where is that 86-acre pond promised by the developers of apartments near the Adel Highway? What's going on with those wetlands?"

My dismay

"As a visitor from Canada, I come into Moultrie on U.S. 319. I love coming here, but I'm dismayed to have to drive by a huge junk yard. Couldn't there be a fence around it?"

Pants issue

"In reference to what's important, I think wearing your pants down under your buttocks is indicative of a mindset that leads to other problems."

Close that road

"I have to travel through that five-stop intersection. I do this every day with fear. I'm for closing County Farm Road."

What's he up to?

"I see ex-president Jimmy Carter is getting back into the news. I wonder what he wants to give away this time?"

The problem

"When I was a teen-ager, I dressed the way my parents instructed me to dress. It was not about self-expression. I think therein lies the problem."

The difference

"I think self-expression has its place. However, I don't see wearing your pants down around your thighs and your underwear up to your armpits as being self-expression so much as it is vulgarity. Art and beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but such crudeness is rather clear to most people."

Unruly kids

"Someone mentioned all the children hunting their parents at the ball game when the lightning struck. If children weren't running, tumbling, and playing all over the stadium while parents use it as a babysitting service, those children would not have to find their parents.

"I watched the police attempt to clear out the areas around the Lions concession stand several times and even asked children, where are your parents because they were being such pests. If you go to the football game, keep your kids in the seat with you or leave them at home."

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