For Jan. 1

Cemetery thefts

"I think it is so despicable that someone would steal from a cemetery. One would think that a cemetery is one place considered sacred by even the vilest of thugs. Obviously, that's not the case."

Small bunch

"Don't be disheartened by those comments who criticize the coaches and the kids. They are a small bunch to begin with. You know how it goes. You can put just a few rocks in a tin can and shake it and it makes a lot of noise. But the weight of the rocks is not enough to sink the can if you throw it in the creek. Keep up the good work young folks."

I agree

"I agree that you have been discriminated against if your husband's car insurance goes up when he hits 75. It's also discriminatory for a young person to get a lower rate just because he or she gets married."

Why the concern?

"Why are we wasting time worrying about whether France likes us or not. That country has had an uppidy attitude ever since the U.S. saved it from Hitler."

Learn a lesson

"I enjoyed reading the story about Mrs. Sherling in Sunday's paper. I am very impressed with her forgiving attitude. I think we could all take a lesson from her."

Gas prices

"In response to the comment on gas prices: Don't get too giddy about prices being three cents cheaper in Moultrie. If we go to war, you will really find out what high gas prices are all about."

In response

"Let's let 911 manage their own business. It would appear that they have a reason to direct calls the way they are doing it."

Get on track

"Okay, we now have a full EDA board. Let's begin the new year with a fresh look at where we will put an industrial park. Let's get on track and let the state know that we intend to compete for industry."

Sex offenses

"I see we have more men being charged with child sex offenses. What is our world coming to? I think we need to gather on the courthouse square and pray for a lot of things."


"Those trivial lawsuits someone talked about earlier: They may not be so trivial if it is you that has been wronged."

A resolution

"I think our New Year's resolutions should include that we be kind to one another -- not just over the back fence but in the way we do business. Let's give it some deep thought.

"Also, we might want to offer some prayers for our national leaders that they make the right decisions. Let's extend that to our local leaders as well. We all need all the help we can get."

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