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"I am disturbed by the fact that I made a long distance call to Colquitt Regional Hospital this morning and was greeted by a phone tree, and when I tried the operator, there was no answer. In today's world of high competition among health providers, this will not win you any awards!"

Not me

"I agree all rules are not beneficial, but let me correct an observation on stupid rules. I am an unmarried woman with a child and do not qualify for money or Medicaid, which I do not want. I'll continue to work for mine, thank you."

Police duties

"Since our law enforcement officers are not auto mechanics and are not paid to be, what is it, exactly, that you want them to do for any broken-down motorist, call for help from a mechanic or tow service? As a taxpayer, I believe the motorist can (and should) do that for himself, without tying up police resources."


"I would like to say that we are so fortunate to have The Moultrie Recreational Department. They offer our children so many opportunities at such a small price. Thank you."

Band support

"I just wanted to rave about the 50th Regiment Band. They are off to an excellent marching season. Good luck this year."

School clothes

"I think dress should be conservative in schools. I can't speak for all the boys but when I was younger, sleeveless blouses and short skirts were a definite distraction from learning. Who knows, I might have been on the honor roll if I hadn't spent so much time straining to look at such things."

Loud music

"To all teen-agers and immature adults with loud sound systems. I know that having large woofers and high pitch tweeters are a cool thing now and have been for a while. I also know that you are going to play your music as loud as you can during your maturing years. I respect your right to do this but, that doesn't mean that I want to listen to your music when I'm at a stop sign, or walking through a parking lot. When in public areas, would it hurt to turn it down a few decibels?"

Forget crybabies

"It would appear that baseball season is about over. Forget those crybaby millionaires and let's turn our attention to the Colquitt County Packers football team. They open at home against Bainbridge Friday night. They will appreciate your support and your cheers. And they won't strike."


"Why can't we have a city ordinance that says a person has to wear his pants above his butt, not below it? I'm not an advocate of adding more rules and regulations but I'm sick and tired of this vulgarity in public. If someone wants to dress like that at home or out in the woods, fine. But I don't want my wife and children subjected to that kind of crudeness."

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